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Drunken PM

by Dave Prior

Drunken Boxing for Project Managers “The main feature of the drunkard boxing is to hide combative hits in drunkard-like, unsteady movements and actions so as to confuse the opponent. The secret of this style of boxing is maintaining a clear mind while giving a drunken appearance.” Yeah... just like that… but with network diagrams and burndown charts… and a wee bit less vodka.

empower people, get better outcomes

by Yves Cavarec

This blog is basically about managing change in organizations or change management if you prefer. More precisely, it's about engaging people on projects and changes.

The Project Management Experts

by Cornelius Fichtner

Interviews and insights with project, program and portfolio management experts from around the world. Hear how top practitioners deliver their initiatives to meet strategic and executive objectives. Best of all, earn free PDUs for each interview!

Geplanus Pranada: The PM

by Jose Roberto Cavalcante Alves

We present to you: the PM. Geplanus Pranada graduated with great effort and joined the IT area. He began as a programmer, then a systems analyst, then a project was the natural way. He managed several projects and worked at several large companies. He witnessed many unusual situations and lived many of them--some happy, others not so much. Faithful to his principles and ready to apply the concepts of management, he often collides with reality. Here begins his story...

Shades of Project Management

by Narciss Popescu

Raw ideas, thoughts, questions, doubts and articles about organizations and people behaviour and psychology within a project environment. Challenges on well-known models and theories in project human resource management and project stakeholder management areas.

Agile For X

by Mohamed Hassan

This blog explores different perspectives and usage scenarios for agile project management. Please share your thoughts, best practices and concerns about the application of agile in different fields, including ones that don't feature the traditional uses of agile. Let us have conversations on the benefits that can be expected from using this excellent approach in different projects.

Virtual Project Management Mentorship Program

by Michael Effanga

Knowledge and Experience sharing is critical to sustainable development. We have many veteran Project Managers with experience you cannot read in books. I want to start a Virtual Mentorship Program where Mentors and Protegees can connect virtually. I believe this will help young project managers gain valuable tips and develop competencies. I need your advice and suggestions on how this can run effectively. What platform can we use? will it be beneficial? etc. Please drop your comments/concerns.


by Jing Han

I would like to share information to all of you.At the same time,I would like to get your information.

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