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Agile For X

by Mohamed Hassan

This blog explores different perspectives and usage scenarios for agile project management. Please share your thoughts, best practices and concerns about the application of agile in different fields, including ones that don't feature the traditional uses of agile. Let us have conversations on the benefits that can be expected from using this excellent approach in different projects.

Virtual Project Management Mentorship Program

by Michael Effanga

Knowledge and Experience sharing is critical to sustainable development. We have many veteran Project Managers with experience you cannot read in books. I want to start a Virtual Mentorship Program where Mentors and Protegees can connect virtually. I believe this will help young project managers gain valuable tips and develop competencies. I need your advice and suggestions on how this can run effectively. What platform can we use? will it be beneficial? etc. Please drop your comments/concerns.


by Jing Han

I would like to share information to all of you.At the same time,I would like to get your information.

A Project Moment

by Carla Fair-Wright

"A Project Moment" selects tips for improving project management productivity from national and international sources and summaries them to present in a short a format.

IT Project Management

by Shridhar Shukla

Project management and IT Projects, Project management software, Project management Tools and techniques, Software development and project management, Project management process and PMBOK approach.

Dear (--------------) Industry, GodDamn!! Go Disrupt Yourself.

by Sanj Sethi

So all of us, specially folks who've passion for project management and design methodology often wonder why would we in this modern, highly digitized age still suffer what seem to be obviously annoying features in products, services and all other things that are offered to us in our professional and personal lives. I mean why can't we have a single wirecord interface for all appliances, all smartphones. Sure, we need diversity in life but why must you and me suffer from stupidity, arrogance and plain disregard of organizations building our everyday usage products. Since its highly unlikely that there ever will be a collective agreement on using basic intelligence, at least we can vent out. I never planned to be a writer so I can guarantee that the blogs I will write will not be the most articulate, logically structured or in any way decrease your blood pressure BUT, using these discussion points lets collectively vent out and I hope you will write comments that bring out your frustrations of everyday personal and work life. Lets talk to different industries and tell them to change the WTF to FTW. The objective is not to just complain but to offer, in our own small way, solutions to these industries so that whenever they wake up from their self imposed slumber, we can help them to help us.

A World Without Borders.

by Muhamad Sahir Bin Ahmad Shatiry

A blog to share inspiring project management knowledge without borders across the world , breakthrough entire continents of the world.

Agility and Project Leadership

by Don Kim

A contrarian and provocative blog that goes beyond the traditional over-hyped dogma of "Agile", so as to obtain true agility and project leadership through a process of philosophical reflection.

The Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework

by Saadi Adra

Projects offer deliverables; programs lead to benefits and portfolios are meant to enable strategy. Within the realm of organizational project management, PPPs should not be managed in silos; they should be integrated with other organizational units before and after the project. Business Development (BD) functions lead to establishing an external or internal project; then operations (OPs) are required to sustain the achieved benefits. BD, projects, and OPs should all be integrated from an organizational and governance perspective. The Integrated Life Cycle Management Framework is an evolving concept that provides a holistic organizational perspective on management frameworks, leadership, processes, competencies, knowledge, business culture, and other external factors to help align Business Development, Project Management, and Operations for better growth, more success, and higher profits.

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