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5 Ways to Make Outsourcing Work [Infographic]

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outsourcing work

If outsourcing is a commercially viable option for you and you’ve made that leap, you still need to put some effort into making sure that the partnership is a positive experience both for your and your outsourcing partner.

The infographic below shows five focus areas for making sure your outsourcing relationship is a positive as possible.

outsourcing infographic

The 5 areas are:

  1. Make sure outsourcing is the right choice
  2. Choose your partners carefully
  3. Negotiate the right payment terms
  4. Manage the relationship
  5. Know when to break it off.
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Very interesting., thanks for sharing.

Great and concise ideas for outsourcing!!!

Thanks for sharing

Hi Elizabeth,
This is the toughest of all as per our present experience .....#5 Know when to break it off.



Thank you for sharing. I would take it as a cheat-sheet to support my sub-contract review. I am glad to read a special focus on payments: sometimes set as a lower priority which gives an exposure to the execution.

Thanks for sharing.
Challeging to link the contract to the business benefits.

Good presentation.

Thank you for sharing, my 2 cents here:

Choose your partners carefully: It is really critical that we share ethics and some of the values. Some score cards don't include that, however I'm always challenging the status quo to add that.
Example - Will you outsource some organization that doesn't promote diversity? Sustainability? ...

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