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Sharing my Project Management adventures and some tips. I try to keep my articles brief and to the point. Project Management is an Art, Science, and Discipline.

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I have a personal blog called Just Drake's View where I write about Project Management and my adventures in life.

My blog post called Project Management in Real Life on my personal blog inspired me to name my blog on with the same name.

Project Managers in real life need to be creative by reaching in their tool box to do whatever it takes to lead a team to a successful project delivery. It's all about good judgment to tailor a way to get the results from the team you are handed. I like to think of it like corralling baby chicks around the yard to get them in a nice formation to follow you.

I believe that Project Management is about delivering the objectives of the Project Charter. The Project Manager will be the point person for all the project activities being accountable for ensuring that the project team operates efficiently to stay on track and keeps communication flowing.


Run your Projects with transparency to promote open communication to flush out potential problems and misunderstandings. Publish frequent project status reports for all to see the progress being made. You need to be a creative leader to find ways to lead your team.

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I completely agree with Summary mentioned above.

Project Managers are constantly challenged with changing customers requirements, resource shortages, competition with other projects and economic uncertainties and other internal and external factors. To match up with this uncertain environment of projects, PMs needs to be creative and innovative to be successful.
Thank you Drake for a great article.

Good Post Drake. I like the name of your personal blog.

It's good that the external blog has been going several years, great job.

Thanks for sharing your post Drake.

Happy new year.
Nice post. Thanks for sharing.

Good post and thanks for sharing

Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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