Corporate New Year's Resolution?

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Traditionally, many people make at least one New Year’s resolution.  A recent corporate interaction makes me wonder if that is becoming a tradition for corporations.  At an executive briefing, a few attendees talked about a growing concern they have about emerging technology.  When you look at the number of interesting/valuable emerging technologies and the estimated size of that market segment, which certainly is becoming an increasingly challenging issue for many businesses.  That also impact program and project management.  After thinking about this interaction, I found a study that found that 63 percent of managers feel their organizations adopt new technology too slowly.

Is that one of the many New Year’s resolutions corporate executives have for 2018?

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Yes agree, that most of the organisations struggle in introducing new technologies.Whether training their resources or letting their resources know the importance of adopting new technology at their work or recruiting a resource which has prior experience or knowledge on new technology the project is on.Everything is an challenge for an organisation to go through with.

Adopting new technologies in [especially] larger corporations is a significant, although important, investment. It takes the effort of support, buy-in, and cross-functional efforts across the organization.

Something else I think is often overlooked is pre-determined lifespans on newly introduced technologies and solutions so the efforts for replacement begins prior to its absolute need.

The demand for new technologies has skyrocketed in past decade which has necessitated value-creating innovations. This rapid evolution of emerging technologies requires organizations to emphasize on both short-term objectives while still pursuing their longer-view innovation strategy. If a company wants to stay ahead in the market today, they better adapt to emerging technologies.

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