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Frequent visitors of’s “Knowledge & Tools” tab may notice something new in the bottom left corner of the tab’s links. That something is PM Port, a reference to show you what is being said about project management on websites and publications around the world.

PM Port, which also can be accessed directly at, is powered by LexisNexis, a leading business research service. Staff curators select articles twice a week that are valuable and useful to project, program and portfolio managers. Turn to PM Port if you are interested in economic trends that can affect your career; if you want to see tips that have worked for your colleagues and can help you succeed; or if you want to read the latest “buzz” on what’s hot in the profession, such as agile approaches or gig-based project managers.

Additionally, this resource provides stories that might not be front and center now, but could affect the future. One example is an article written by a middle-school teacher who incorporates project-based learning whenever possible. Another is a news item about a solar power project in Sierra Leone.

PM Port provides a wide spectrum of interesting reads about your profession. Check it out today and bookmark it so you can keep up with the latest project management news!

Posted by Marjorie Anderson on: January 30, 2018 10:30 AM | Permalink

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This is great... maybe in a future iteration some categories could be added to view items by topic?

Marjorie, it is the first time I notice this - This is great. Thanks for sharing .... Very Interesting.

Neat resource, Marjorie - I like the dynamic searching!

For some odd reason, there's no scroll bar to let me see the bottom-most article. For example, Top 5 Myths in Project Management shows me the article title and a truncated portion of the header image but not the abstract, nor do I get a scroll bar to access it. I've tried using both the Edge & Chrome browsers in Windows with a similar result.

Excellent! I had not noticed, but I will certainly get significant value from it and will check it daily. Thanks so much!

When I saw PM Port few days ago I was wondering what was that, but when I explored it, I found that it was very useful. Thanks for sharing this, Marjorie.

I'm glad you're all finding it useful!

Kiron - for your concern regarding scroll, this page works best when on a desktop/laptop computer with your browser on full screen to see all available articles. There are some technical challenges that prevent this function from working properly on mobile. I hope that helps!

Very good, thanks for sharing

What a great addition to the site. Thanks Marjorie.

Thank you so much Marjorie for the great adding and very nice innovation.

A great resource for the community. Thanks for letting us know, Marjorie.

Good stuff, Marjorie! Love it!

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Marjorie for update and introducing a great resource.

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