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We Are Now!

We are proud to announce that effective today, gantthead will be changing its name to

When gantthead launched in 2000, every project worth managing was run using a gantt chart. However, times change and many project leaders are much more focused on their KanBan Boards than on a linear schedule.  Although some of the tools and approaches may be changing, our commitment to you and your work has not. The name change doesn't mean we hate gantt charts--it just means that we want our site to be the logical destination for everything related to project management, the place you think of first when you need help. For those new to the craft, we are a lot easier to find...and by growing faster, we can only help everyone become better.

We continue to be your one-stop shop for Project Management answers, helping get you “unstuck” and helping you confidently meet every new challenge that comes your way with:
•Over 11K how-to articles to jumpstart your projects.
•Over 1K Deliverable Templates to save you time and effort.
•Over 550K Peer Connections & experts to offer specific advice

As always, if there is a way we can help you that doesn't exist on the site, please let us know at or just give me a ring at one of the numbers listed below.

We are now  Our mission is (as it has been for over a decade) to make you more successful.  So come out and take a look at the new site. We’ll look forward to hearing what you think.

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