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It's time to rethink the way we approach IT. For too long IT has been allowed to exist dysfunctionally within the enterprise on many levels. From CIO relationships to fundemental understanding on how to plan, build and support the needs of the business IT has been allowed to be more art than science.... What follows are my thoughts on a variety of topics within the IT space.

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The Power of the Concept

PMXPO 2010

Thank You for Your Reviews

Some Things Never Change

The Certification Craze

The Power of the Concept

Recently I was asked to spend a few days to do a core dump of my vision for a very vertical software application in an industry where I have signigicant expertise.

To my amazement, I produced a 106 page conceptual overview that grew from some very simple components.  The first was a logical data model & partial data dictionary (which took a day to develop) of the application that was driven by a workflow model and my understanding of the industry.

From those few inputs and some visioning grew a very comprehenive mind picture of every module, the time line for development, complete with mappings back to the data model.

In just 24 hours of effort, 106 pages worth of ideas flowed from mind to screen.  This made me wonder if this shouldn't be the first step in accelerated application development.  A creative phase that sets forth a working foundation from which detailed requirements and design specifications can be rapidly developed.

During the review of the document with my client, the question arose regarding the time it would take to develop the application.  Since every module and underlying deliverables shared a common data structure it was evident that the project could be distributed over many small teams for parallel developement without loss of fidelity once the presentation standards and protocols were agreed upon.

This led to a productive discussion of using an Agile /  SCRUM-like approach, a topic foriegn to this organization. 

Thus, a viable, compressed time, plan was born. 

More on the Outcome Later

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PMXPO 2010

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What can you say about a world-class event packed with content that is free for the asking.... how about WOW... KOWABUNGA... MAGNIFIMAZING!!!

Once again gantthead has provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and hard hitting content for its members and even non members.

I can't think of a better organized and produced online experience for project managers and other IT professionals.

A special thank you to all the sponsors that helped to make this event such a success.

From the presentatiions to the Booths and chat rooms your time is well spent and the hours just melt away as you soak up the learning.

Congrats gantthead... Well Done!

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Thank You for Your Reviews

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I spent this morning looking through my 2008 articles and the reviews so many of you have taken time to post.  Thank you all.  One of my goals in contributing articles is to get people to react.  Sometimes the reactions are favorable; sometimes not.

What is most important is that you come away with a definite reaction to what is written. 

I wish each article could tackle every topic in the detail it deserves.  Unfortunately, they are articles and not books and therefore limited by what can be said in a few pages.

Some food for thought for going forward.

Whether you agree or disagree with articles, ask yourself why?
Is it because you have personal experiences that validate or invalidate what is being said?
Is it that the writer just gets it wrong?
is a negative reaction due to a conflict between what is IDEAL vs. what is HAPPENING?
Is a negative reaction fueled by a person blind spot or a clash of ideologies?

For me, every review has been instructive and I hope to improve future postings based on the feedback provided.
I encourage you to engage the authors not just via reviews but via discussion groups.  We have much to learn from each other here in gantthead.

Thank You All Again
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Some Things Never Change

Fresh off the presses via IT Business Edge -
"According to a Gartner report, approximately 65% of enterprise executives question the effectiveness of their IT investments in supporting their business goals and objectives. Even more telling is a recent IDC survey that found only 23% of IT professionals think their IT and business operations are in alignment. "

When will CIO's get it!.  Alignment isn't about cutting edge technologies, its about understanding the business from its root to its top, communicating, discovering true needs and expectations and then providing the operational and strategic information leveraging tools and technologies needed. 

Even now, when I talk to CIO's they don't drive their IT services from the overall business plan down.  They still work in silos, fail to take in the big picture except at the most intellectual and obtuse levels, and are still cost not benefit focused.

The numbers speak for themselves... After over 50 years IT is still in denial about its ability to deliver value to the Enterprise.
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The Certification Craze

Seems to me that there are just too many certifications floating around out there.  As a Certified Public Accountant I know what it use to mean to hold a certificate... For CPAs it meant a college degree, a multi-day exam and 2 years of field experience; and then to keep it 40 hours a year of continuing education.  Today most certifications consist of passing an exam or even worse, just sitting through some training classes.  In IT's quest to legitimize itself as being worthy of joining the professional ranks, it has allowed the certifications to get out of control.  By dumbing down the requirements we dumb down the profession..... just my thoughts
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