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Save money: work virtually!

Woman on phoneDo you need to work effectively when you're not face to face?  Project teams are often made up of people who don’t work in the same office.  Travelling around for meetings is expensive, so project managers can cut costs by working virtually – for example, using conference calls and online meeting tools to make the most of virtual meetings.

You can learn how to do this better (and save your project budget) by joining The Virtual Working Summit, which runs from 28 June through to 9 July 2010.  

Managing a virtual team is a key challenge for many project managers these days so I'm delighted to join a group of experts in the first ever Virtual Working Summit. It consists of short, practical interviews over ten days this summer and is hosted by Dr Penny Pullan. You can join wherever you are, by phone or web.

Here are some of the topics that the Summit will cover:
•    Building Trust Remotely
•    Navigating Across Cross-Cultural Tripwires
•    Tools for Successful Virtual Working
•    Communication on global projects
•    Sustainability and Virtual Working
•    Negotiating Internationally
•    Social Media and Virtual Teams (this one is my presentation)
•    Conference Calls Made Easy

The Summit is free, and the first of its kind.  It will give you access to leading thinkers and practical tips to make you even more effective at working virtually – which has to be useful for project and program managers looking to be more efficient.

You can register online any time from now.  If you can’t make it to any or all of the presentations, Penny is recording the proceedings and they’ll be available to buy on CD, so you can listen to what you missed at your leisure.

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