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Episode 432: Managing Smaller and Medium-Sized Projects

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Episode 432: Managing Smaller and Medium-Sized Projects

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J. YoungToday, I don’t have a full interview for you. I have something better. I have a free book on how to manage small and medium-sized projects for you.

The free eBook you are going to get is titled "Managing Smaller and Medium-Sized Projects" and was written by Dr Jim Young, PMP, FNZIM ( - LinkedIn Profile).

If you use a podcast app to download and listen to our interviews, then the book has very likely already been downloaded by the app for you. It is a PDF document and you should see it as a separate episode of your subscription of The PM Podcast. If not, then please click on the download button above.


You can claim 1 PDU in the "Technical Project Management" category for every hour you spend reading this book. Please study the "Read" section in the CCR Handbook to learn how.

Click to download the PDF eBook now

(This interview was originally published on The Project Management Podcast.)

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