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Peter Taylor is the author of two best-selling books on ‘Productive Laziness’ – ‘The Lazy Winner’ and ‘The Lazy Project Manager’. In the last 4 years he has focused on writing and lecturing with over 200 presentations around the world in over 25 countries and has been described as ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’. His mission is to teach as many people as possible that it is achievable to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and to still gain success in the battle of the work/life balance. More information can be found at – and through his free podcasts in iTunes.

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January 10, 2018 05:26 AM

I need your Presentation Experience

Impress Clients and Executives

And the clock is ticking …

Too late, you have missed the moment since your clients and executive’s attention span is reducing rapidly!

A Canadian survey of media consumption, commissioned by Microsoft, noted that the average attention span had fallen yet again, it was now just eight seconds. In 2000 it was recorded as twelve seconds but is seems we may now have an even shorter attention span than a goldfish (or is that memory? I forget).

Attention span can be defined as ‘the amount of concentrated time on a task without becoming distracted’.

A quote from Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, is also worth noting I think, ‘The true scarce commodity … of the future … will be human attention’.

Have I lost you already?

My friends from Office Timeline have some useful thoughts about impressive, impactful and fast presentations to your clients and your executives:

Online Gantt Chart and Timeline Maker for Impressive Presentations

Overcome the limitations that arise from using different desktop operating systems and create outstanding visual graphics online by harnessing the flexibility of cloud technology. Enjoy the interactivity of cloud-based data visualization tools like Pincello and build, update and share project visuals directly from your browser to impress clients and executives.

Web-Based Project Management Tool for Unified Communication

You are the project coordinator overseeing seven other managers on civil engineering projects in several cities. Four of them have Windows laptops and the other three have Apple notebooks for their work while travelling, although they use Windows desktop computers at their home office. You, the project managers, and clients meet regularly in remote locations to communicate the details, changes, or special situations of each project’s status. When preparing plans or status reviews, you all need to be in sync as to what's being reported, who is included, and how it's being communicated to them. The problem is that none of the managers is using the same techniques to keep their teams and interested parties in the loop about the progress of each construction schedule.

When changes surface in the project life cycle stages, this information needs to be distributed among clients, employers, labor organizations, and your own company. For the projects to run smoothly, each member of the management team needs to move in sync to maintain the tempo. That means that ready access to your reporting tools is vital for the dissemination of that piece of information.

Experts agree that cloud technology has allowed distributed organizations such as yours to thrive despite the distances between the involved parties and the disparity in platforms used.

To solve this challenge, Bellevue-based software company Office Timeline has developed Pincello - a simple and accessible browser-based project management tool that anyone can use to build professional-looking visuals that make a data statement and also an impact on colleagues, clients and executives.

Impressive Gantt Charts and Timelines Right from Your Browser

Allowing you to generate summary views of Gantt charts and timelines right in your browser and export them as PowerPoint slides or .png images, Pincello combines web flexibility with the familiarity of the world’s most popular presentation software. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, the cloud-based timeline maker enables the creation of unique visuals that are simple for clients and execs to understand and hard for them to forget.

As the only web-based timeline maker that creates native PowerPoint slides, Pincello helps users to build high-level views of their project straight away, as well as to easily share and present them in a way that is familiar to their audience.

The web-based graphical app comes in two versions – a free and a Plus one.

Using the free online timeline generator, you can start building graphics with no need to install complex software or create an account. Data can be added manually or imported from Excel straight in the browser and, after a few styling choices, your graphic will be ready in a matter of minutes.

Try It Now without Registration

The Pincello Plus edition offers access to extra features such as the ability to import up to 150 Excel records to save input time, and to export and store an unlimited number of timelines that you can access wherever you are.

Seeing that the online timelines created with Pincello are compatible with the Office Timeline add-in for PowerPoint, this means that you can further edit them even when you don’t have access to the web.


See How Easy It’s to Get Started Here

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Project Management Reading

3 books from The Lazy Project Manager for only £10 (eBooks only – pdf format)

Just select your 3 choices from the below list and then email me at Peter Taylor (or message me) and I will send out the simple PayPal payment options and then email your 3 books - easy!

Get Fit with the Lazy Project Manager

How to make sure your project is as healthy as possible and does not become the 'ex-project' of tomorrow

How to get Fired at the C-Level

Why mismanaging change is the biggest risk of all

The Project Manager who Smiled

The value of fun in project management

The Lazy Winner

How to do more with less effort and succeed in their working and personal lives without rushing around like headless chickens or putting in 100 hour weeks  

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Mentoring the Next Generation

It was one of those moments. I was thinking that I really should get writing again and get some blogs out there in the big wide web of wonderment, but couldn’t think what to say or write about, and then ‘wham’, I get a message through my website contact form

It said ‘I would like to share my knowledge to the next generation PMs’ and asked for any guidance or advice in doing so.

Serendipitous or what? Well I think it was.

Mentoring is a long term relationship where the focus is on supporting the professional growth and business development of the recipient, the less experienced partner in the mentoring relationship, the mentee as it is officially known. The mentor should be a source of wisdom, teaching, and support, therefore real world experience is a must. You have to have put in the time and had the personal experience of the good, the bad and the ugly of project life in order to be a good mentor I believe. And the mentor is someone who observes, discuses, considers current behavior and issues and gently guides changes for the better where needed. Again, this is a call for a certain type of individual, we are not all cut out to be mentor material.

But let’s say you are the ‘right stuff’ and you do have some time to mentor others, how would you go about it?

At this point I would offer up, in not a call to action, but at least a call to comment, to the readers of this blog. How would you suggest someone with the experience, with the interest, with the time and with the general inclination to go about becoming a ‘mentor’?

Whilst I wait patiently for your input and general wisdom like contributions let me consider these questions:

  • Why do you want to be a mentor?
    • Altruism or profit?
    • That is do you just want to give back and it is all free and open, or do you want to profit financially from the effort – it is possible both can be true of course
  • One or many?
    • Do you want to offer a one to one mentorship engagement for just a lucky individual or do you want to offer a larger more mass gathering type of mentoring program? Or perhaps something in between?
  • What is the style of mentorship you are thinking of offering?
    • Face to face, remote/virtual, on-line?
  • And how long are you committing to?
    • What is your personal timeline of dedication to this program and/or each individual?
  • How will you set expectations amongst your mentees (or mentee)?
    • What is truly in it for them – especially if you are asking for money?

I spoke some time ago in an article entitled ‘Green Bean PMs’ about the three things that any newbie would benefit from and this included finding a mentor – so there is a real need out there for smart, experienced people to give back to their profession in some way:

  • Give them a safe place to start
    • Projects are, by their very nature, tricky beasts and for a ‘newbie’ to learn the practical skills of project management we should ensure that they enter the PM world in a controlled way. Hopefully being handed a new project to lead and being told to ‘get on with it’ (as I was when I became a PM) is long gone.
    • Rather we should allow the ‘Green beans’ to experience project reality by taking up a small part in another project managers project, and watching and learning and getting involved in a small way.
    • In addition, if there are project reviews, health checks, and retrospectives taking place (and I really hope that there are) then this is another great entry experience for the young ones to see and learn.
    • Another safe(r) environment might be internal projects – rather than external customer facing ones.
    • Key is to make the environment of learning a safe one.
  • Give them a friendly place to work
    • Where should they work and report when they first start out? Well don’t leave them out in the cold and without peers and project professionals around them. If you have a project practice then this is the place to nurture those ‘beans’.
    • Make it easy for them to ask the questions that they will need to ask and make it easy for them to see experienced project managers in action.
    • We all know that there is a world of difference between theory and practice so give them the support they need to move away from the theory.
    • Key is to make it easy for them to find out all of the stuff that will need to find out.
  • Give them a helping hand
    • Appoint a mentor from out there in project management land who will be there to listen to them from time to time and gently point them in the right direction when they need help – such a person will be invaluable to the ‘beans’ in the early days of being a project manager.
    • Encourage them to make the effort to look outside your organization and connect to some truly wonderful project managers and experts out there on the www. There is a huge amount of advice and guidance through local project management groups, through conferences and meetings, through the online discussions and blogs, and lots more. (It may be in this area the ‘Green’ ones might have the upper hand on us ‘Grey’ ones since all this social connectivity is second nature to them).
    • Key is to build the best possible network for now and the future and to use it wisely.

So thank you my website visitor for triggering this blog and subsequent conversation – and thank you all my lovely readers for sharing your ideas, thoughts, suggestions, experiences and general wisdom with regards to the value of mentorship, and the path to becoming a mentor.


Peter Taylor is a PMO expert who has built and led five global PMOs across several industries, and has advised many other organisations in PMO and PM strategy.

He is also the author of the number 1 bestselling project management book ‘The Lazy Project Manager’, along with many other books on project leadership, PMO development, project marketing, project challenges and executive sponsorship.

In the last 5 years, he has delivered over 350 lectures around the world in over 25 countries and has been described as ‘perhaps the most entertaining and inspiring speaker in the project management world today’.

His mission is to teach as many people as possible that it is achievable to ‘work smarter and not harder’ and to still gain success in the battle of the work/life balance.

More information can be found at – and through his free podcasts in iTunes.

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Jan 10, 2018

As the new year kicks off and I look ahead at my wish list diary I came up with three things I would love to be able to do in this year. Well to be precise, three places I would love to visit - ideally speaking about what I love, project management, whilst I am there.

So, if you are part of a company or project organisation in these places (and others to be honest, it is a big, big world after all and I really haven't been anywhere near everywhere yet...) then I would love to hear from you right away -

  1. UAE,Dubai - I had such an amazing time at the Dubai Internation Project Management Forum in 2015 that I would truly love the opportunity to return!
  2. Iceland, Reykjavik - Yes I keep putting this on my wish list, it so nearly happened in 2014 but sadly, it was not to be that time around - but hey, Iceland! I am ready, willing and able!
  3. Brazil, Rio - Having been twice I really want to return for a third time - Rio has a special place in my heart and besides, I never got to hang-glide down to the beach last time!

There you have it, three places on my wish list - two I want to return to and one I have never ever visited. Can you help? Then get in contact and let's talk about bringing productive laziness and all things project management to your part of the world.

And, of course, anywhere else in the world is equally interesting.


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I need your Presentation Experience

So here's the thing - I have, as it turn out, two slightly unexpected weeks free (before I start a new and exciting job) and I thought 'why not write a book?' - and why not indeed.

But that isn't too long so I then decided a) I would write a book where I had a lot of the material already and b) I would go and get some help from all the 'Lazy PM' fans out there in the world (see 'productive laziness' in action).

I decided to write a small book based on my very popular 'A Presentation on Presentations' - as the blurb says 'We aren’t born to be professional level presenters but through this entertaining presentation the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of good presentations are explored along with a ‘how to prepare’ for that all important event. With a few simple lessons taught through the very medium of ‘presentation’ the audience will take away some great ideas for improving their own technique and ‘death by PowerPoint’ is definitely not the outcome'.

And this is where I need your help.

I need your stories of presentation experience - the good, the bad, and the really ugly. I need your top tips for what makes a great presentation. I need anything that you feel would add to the value of this book to help other people deliver better presentations in the future - hey, you might be in the audience so it is really in your own best interests.

If it is a top tip leave you name and the tip in reply to this post, in the comment box - or if it is a longer story then contact me and I will let you have my email to send me your story/experience that way.

But I am moving fast - the book will be done by 14th January so if you want to share, then share today!

Thank you - Peter

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"Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as muscles grow flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in later years if he ceases to exercise it."

- Walt Disney



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