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PODCAST TEAM UP! A Couple of Coaches and DrunkenPM on Metrics

The Agilistocrats at SGPHX 2015 - Final Podcast

A final Agilistocrats! podcast to wrap things up at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix. The Agilistocrats are joined by special guests: Chris Li, Kelly Harris, Peter Beck, Peter Stevens, Andreas Schliep, Steve Holyer, Jessica Small and Jill Paul.

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The Agilistocrats! at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix – Review of Day 1 & Picks for Day 2

The Agilistocrats! on Day 1 at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix. Dhaval Panchal, Richard Cheng, Dave Prior, Maria Matarelli, Tom Perry and Daniel Gullo on the best sessions of Day 1 and their picks for Day 2 of the Gathering.

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The Agilistocrats! at 2015 Scrum Gathering in Phoenix - Picks for Day 1

The Agilistocrats! are at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix. We spent today the CST/CSC Retreat which is hosted by the Scrum Alliance for the trainers and coaches and was facilitated by Maria Matarelli.  We’ll be here all week and we’ll be doing podcasts each day of the conference.  The sessions kick off tomorrow (Monday, May 3, 2015) and one of the “good problems to have” is that the folks who selected the sessions for the Gathering did such a great job that the hardest part is actually choosing between the great sessions that are taking place. 

If you are a First Timer at the Gathering or aren’t sure what session to hit, these ones are pretty much can’t miss. We’ve been to a bunch of these and know a lot of the presenters so we decided to do a podcast where we put together a list of the sessions we are most excited about for Day 1. 

Some of the folks we mention during the podcast were interviewed about their session by Dave Prior for Projects at Work. If you’d like to get a taste of what they’ll be talking about on Monday, you can follow the links below next to the names.

We’ll be posting a podcast each day of the Gathering so keep checking back for more.

Dhaval Panchal’s Picks

Estimating is NOT Planning  (Dhaval Panchal) 10:45-11:30

An Experiment in self-organization at the Wikimedia Foundation (Kristen Lens) 11:45-12:30

Scrum at Scale  (Alex Brown) 1:45-3:15

Richard Cheng’s Picks

Estimating is NOT Planning  (Dhaval Panchal) 10:45-11:30

The Agile Mindset for the Waterfall Guy and Gal (David Bulkin) 11:45-12:30

Agile Jesters, Magicians, and Clowns – Using the unexpected to move mountains and your team (Adam Weisbart) 1:45-3:15

The Role of a Coach starts with building Team Trust & Alignment (David Hawks, Doc List) 1:45-3:15

Freedom to Align: The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop (Alan Dayley) 3:30 – 5:00

Maria Matarelli’s Picks

Boring Meeting’s Suck: Play Games to Improve Them & Your Teams (Wayde Stallmann) 10:45-11:30

Agile Jesters, Magicians, and Clowns – Using the unexpected to move mountains and your team (Adam Weisbart) 1:45-3:15

Birdie-Birdie: a thorny Scrum simulation (Alan Cyment, Diego Fontdevila) 3:30 – 5:00

Freedom to Align: The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop (Alan Dayley) 3:30 – 5:00

Tom Perry’s Picks    

Free-Range Chickens and Other Agile Habitats (Matt Phillips) 10:45-11:30

Unicorns, Krakens, Self-Organizing Teams and other mythological beasts (Angel Medinilla) 11:45-12:30

Birdie-Birdie: a thorny Scrum simulation (Alan Cyment, Diego Fontdevila) 3:30 – 5:00

Dave Prior’s Picks

Stories of Scrum at Hope School: The Freedom to Teach and Learn (John Miller, Krissyn Sumare, Mark French) 10:45-11:30

Agile Jesters, Magicians, and Clowns – Using the unexpected to move mountains and your team (Adam Weisbart) 1:45-3:15

Great Coaching Conversations (Martin Alaimo, Olaf Lewitz) 1:45-3:15

The Naked History of the Agile Transformation Industry (Skip Angel, Richard Watt) 3:30 – 5:00

Freedom to Align: The Product Wall Release Planning Workshop (Alan Dayley) 3:30 – 5:00


Interviews with Speakers:

John Miller on Stories of Scrum at Hope High School 

Adam Weisbart on Agile Jesters, Magicians and Clowns 

Alex Brown on Scrum at Scale 

Skip Angel and Richard Watt on the Naked History of Agile

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Scrum Gathering 2015

Click here to go straight to the podcast

The 2015 Scrum Gathering is almost here. In just about 2 weeks 700+ Scrum Practitioners are going to descend on Phoenix for a few wallowing knee deep in the weeds of the most widely practiced form of Agile.

I had a chance to interview Stephen Forte who is an Agile practitioner, a member of the Scrum Alliance Board and co-Chair of this year’s Scrum Gathering.

During the interview Steve talks about some of the cool new things happening at the Gathering this year. In addition to the regular presentations, this year they have added a number of Pecha Kucha talks as well as a series of Ignite-style Talks.  While both Pecha Kucha and Ignite have a specific, short timebox for the presentation and automatically advancing slides,  there is a key difference in how they will play out in Pheonix this year. The Pecha Kucha talks were all selected during the presentation review process, but the Ignite talks will be proposed and selected during the event by participants.  Given that the folks presenting the Ignite talks will have about 24 hours to get their presentations ready for the crowd, this should prove to be a very Agile experience indeed.

The Coaches Clinic will be up and running during the entire event as well. The clinic is staffed primarily by Certified Scrum Coaches and Trainers who offer their time to anyone who wants to come by for ideas or advice on how to tackle whatever challenges they are facing in practicing Scrum and other forms of Agile.

And on Wednesday, Adam Weisbart will host the Scrum Gathering Open Space. This gives participants a chance to present their topics of interest to the crowd and invite them to meet and collaborate in small groups with no pre-set agenda. This is definitely one of the most valuable parts of the Gathering. Each session is attended by whoever is interested in the topic and things go wherever the group needs them to.

If you are planning to attend the Gathering this year, make sure to rest up before hand. Outside of the normal sessions many participants schedule informal events before and after the normal days activities. It is an awesome three days of opportunities to share ideas with other Scrum and Agile practitioners.

The Scrum Gathering will take place at the Talking Stick Resort on Scottsadale, Arizona from  May 4 to May 6, 2015. The event is already sold out, but I’ll be posting updates leading up to the event and each day while I am there.

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