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Six Ways to Engage with the PM Community in 2019

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New Year, New Goals!

Are Your Minding Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

Stakeholder Engagement

Six Ways to Engage with the PM Community in 2019

Categories: Career, Leadership, Soft Skills

It’s a new year and time to set some new goals.   Considering that you have 12 months to work towards those goals what better time to start.

We have a great community of project managers here on; its'a great place to get more engaged.

Here are six tips on how you can engage, make a difference and participate with your community online, local chapters and regionally:

  1. Join in the discussion in our project management community. Do you have a question, want to spark conversation or want to learn with others in the communityJoin discussions in PM Central, Topics, Blogs, webinars or join in a book club review.
  2. Share your expertise. You can start a conversation by asking a question or joining a discussion in many areas on   It’s a great way to network, share stories, acknowledge contributions and successes, help advance the profession, and be leaders in our communities.
  3. Volunteer. Do you want to be a chapter leader? Join a local PMI chapter and start building your network with your local community chapter and volunteer to work on a project, an initiative or a seminar.  It will enhance your resume and help you step up to new challenges. Your time and expertise could help make a difference as a volunteer leader or board member or mentor in your community.
  4. Inspire a young PM. Become a coach/mentor by connecting with others in your organization, community or PMI Chapter. Find small ways to reach out, listen and support them.
  5. Invest in yourself. It's a new year; do you have some new goals?  How did you do last year to reach your goals.  There are so many ways to benefit by participating in the community; you just need to start.
  6. Raise a discussion and lead. We learn from others.  Do you have a burning question or some great tips to share? Post a question, participate in the discussion and guide the group discussion.  There is so much to learn from the experience in this community of project managers.


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Strategy for Leaders

Todd Williams, an executive consultant with three decades of experience helping organizations connect strategy to successful projects; just completed his latest book which was five years in the making.  In Filling Execution Gaps, Williams, closes the “gap” with a persuasive book that identifies the six execution “gaps”, clearly articulates the executive strategy to turn strategic goals into business value and opens a wider lens to the “larger system” for success – the executive, middle management, project manager and project team.

Per the latest PMI Pulse of the Profession 2017, “C-suite continues to be largely focused on bridging strategy formulation and execution and tackling technology and business disruption;” Williams’ research suggests organizations can meet these objectives if they fill these gaps. C-Suite executives, middle management, business and project leaders can use this book as a valuable reference and resource to gain real world insights so Williams shared his wisdom with me about his new book; here’s what he revealed about the gaps we’ve been missing.

Read the full articles on Linked In (Part 1 & 2) 

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New Year, New Goals!

Categories: Career, Soft Skills

A new year is always a time to reflect on prior experience to move forward. Project managers (PM) need to learn to stretch themselves as they move along their career paths. Let’s look at how project managers can kick-start their career goals in 2018.

Reflect Back – Take stock of your accomplishments and failures; there is so much to learn by taking this first step early in the year. Besides, it’s time to dust off those old habits, wipe the slate clean and start fresh with new goals and objectives. 

Here are some questions to reflect on:

·        Are you reviewing what you learned through success and failure? Write down your strengths, weaknesses and blind spots and prioritize your goals to improve your skillsets and behaviors. 

Read the full article on Linkedin. 

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Are Your Minding Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ)?

As project and program managers you have plenty of obstacles in your way — don’t become another one. Have you assessed your emotional intelligence skill set to leverage your strengths and close the gaps? You can read about these six competencies that can propel your leadership and initiatives forward at my latest article on ProjectsatWork and attend PMXPO 2017 to listen to my in depth presentation on  this topic and stay afterwards to participate in a  live question and answer session facilitated at the end of my session.


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Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement is a key topic that many project managers are either struggling with or are challenged developing key partnerships.

Recently, I was interviewed by Elise Stevens from FixMyProjectChaos and here are the three tips I had to share:

Click here to read article.


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"Humanity has advanced, when it has advanced, not because it has been sober, responsible and cautious, but because it has been playful, rebellious and immature."

- Tom Robbins