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By Priya Patra

It’s a new world, new challenges, and new solutions! The nature of our projects has changed, and so have our teams. We have crossed the chasm of geographical boundaries to anyone, anytime, anywhere – the future of work.

According to the PMI report “A Case for Diversity,” being able to draw from a spectrum of backgrounds and experiences fuels innovation—unleashing perspectives that might otherwise go unconsidered.

Diversity and inclusion are on the agenda for all organizations nowadays. Leaders within the D&I movement realize that D&I is more than just cultivating a strong pipeline of diverse candidates. It is more about creating an inclusive workplace that not only brings in diverse talent but also knows how to create avenues for success.

In this session, I will be addressing how we can build an inclusive workplace with Agile using these SCRUM values - courage, focus, respect, openness, and commitment.

Why values? Values drive behavior and, of course, our behavior reflects values. Values take precedence in people’s interactions and collaborative work.

I will be sharing a series of anecdotes that relate my experience of navigating personal bias through an effective tool – my value wall! What is a value wall? They say that if you can make it visible, then you can recognize it and make an attempt to solve it! The SCRUM values were placed on a virtual wall where we had each team member write up how we are demonstrating the value in their working day.

  • A value moment is when we lived by the SCRUM values.
  • A whoops moment is when we failed to live by the SCRUM values.


Recognizing these moments was a very critical step for me to understand my own personal biases.

Are you interested in learning more about how Agile SCRUM values can help to make your workplace more inclusive? Please join me on June 2 at the PMI Virtual Experience Series when I look forward to taking this discussion forward and responding to your questions.

Posted by Priya Patra on: May 04, 2021 02:56 PM | Permalink | Comments (3)

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