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Focus On: Sustainability/Green PM


April 2015’s focus on is sustainability and green project management. Not sure what that is? We have a diverse offering of articles and resources to help you learn more and implement sustainability and green project management into what you do.

Green PM: How Have Things Changed?

Michael Wood last wrote about green project management in 2012. But how have things changed since then? Take a few moments to read his article which takes a look at certifications, resources, and other tools to help keep you sustainable.

Project Manager’s Sustainability Checklist

Tom Baker and Pedro Echeverria came together to create a checklist that is specifically design to help meet sustainability needs that project teams and project managers face. This checklist can be considered a template to be modified by an organization, or even by a project team, as needed.

Sustainability Survey

Around the world, people, communities and organizations have begun a profound transformation toward Sustainability. Sustainability is sometimes called the Triple Bottom Line,  referring to long term viability not just from a financial standpoint (“Profit”), but also from environmental (Planet) and social (People) perspectives.  This survey will gather important information about project managers' motivations, skills, and needs with respect to Sustainability. This data will help PMI and gain a baseline about this field and create the possibility of assisting project managers who have an interest in Sustainability.

Thanks to Tom Baker, Kris Kohl, and Pedro Echeverria for collaborating to bring this valuable survey to the community.

Keep your eye on the homepage throughout the month for more sustainability and green PM information. You can also visit the Sustainability practice area for additional information and resources.

Don’t forget that 22 April is Earth Day!

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