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November Community News You Can Use

Recognizing Chapter Excellence at the PMI Chapter Awards Ceremony!

Save the Date: Explore Project Management for Social Good® in Collaboration with PMIEF

Keeping Up With Conference - Your Pathway to All the Information & Opportunities

Don't Miss These Unique Opportunities at PMI Global Conference 2017 - Ask the Experts & PM Wars!

Recognizing Chapter Excellence at the PMI Chapter Awards Ceremony!

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PMI recently honored 12 finalists and three winners during the PMI Chapter Awards Ceremony in October at the PMI® Leadership Institute Meeting 2017─North America in Chicago, Illinois, USA. These chapters were recognized for their volunteer efforts, for motivating chapter leaders, and for their contributions toward achieving PMI’s goals.

Here are the finalists and winning chapters in each category!

Category 1 (25-300 members)

The four finalists in this category were as follows: 

PMI congratulates all of the finalists and the winning chapter, PMI Central Mississippi Chapter.

You can view a video featuring all four of the finalists in Category I below:

Category 2 (301-1,500 members)

The four finalists in this category were as follows:

PMI congratulates all of the finalists and the winning chapter, PMI Mumbai Chapter.

You can view the video featuring all four of the finalists in Category 2 below: 

Category III (1,501+ members)

The four finalists in this category were as follows:

PMI congratulates all of the finalists and the winning chapter, PMI Washington DC Chapter.

You can view the video featuring all three of the finalists in Category 3 below:

For more information about PMI chapters or to see how you can get involved with your local chapter, please click here. If you are already a chapter member and would like more information about the PMI Chapter Awards Program, please contact Chapter Support at

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Keeping Up With Conference - Your Pathway to All the Information & Opportunities

Keeping up with PMI Global Conference will be easier than ever this year! There's so much to experience and we want to make sure you have a clear pathway to the best information. Here's a quick guide to some of the best information and opportunities.

Social Media

If you aren't able to attend PMI's 2017 Global Conference this weekend you can still stay on top of all the news and excitement coming out of Chicago. How? Just follow PMI and on the following networks: Twitter Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Linkedin Instagram

We’ll share interviews with speakers discussing how they make a difference in project management and the journey that took them there. We’ll also post regularly to Instagram Stories if you would like a closer view of Conference. Check out all of the action at #PMIcon17.

PMI "in" Training

PMI "in" Training is aimed at helping you advance your careers. If you are attending Global Conference you can take part in our Ask the Experts opportunity. Sign-up in advance or stop by the Meet the Expert desk located in the PMI "in" Training area of the Exhibit Hall to sign up for your session with one of our many skilled experts!

Ask the Experts is your chance to receive specific advice regarding your career path, project challenges, and more. Don't miss your chance for this exclusive access!

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

PMI would like to help you identify your STRENGTHS to excel! 500 conference participants will have an opportunity to take the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment, which identifies what YOU do best! Participants will have an opportunity to meet with coaches one-on-one or in a group setting to understand how to turn your talents into strengths! Learn more on our career series page

PMWars Tournament

The inaugural PM Wars Tournament will be hosted this year at the 2017 PMI Global Conference. Attendees of the conference can compete and demonstrate their skills and knowledge in a fun competition throughout Conference in the Expo Hall. You can register for the challenge in advance to reserve your spot in the tournament, or sign up directly in the PMWars booth in the Expo Hall.

Share Your Voice

If you are attending, or find great Global Conference posts in your social media be sure to mention us in your shares, or add it here as a comment so everyone can find it!

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Where the Gurus Are!

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Access to project management's thought leaders: PMO Symposium 2017

Transition. Transformation. Conversion. Change. These words are chiseled into today’s Project Management lexicon, but so is the word, “success” – the end goal for every project. As adaptive PM methods become more ubiquitous in organizations around the world, we recognize that no one approach will do. Rather, project leaders embrace and apply multiple approaches—predictive, Agile, or some hybrid thereof—to get their project across the proverbial finish line, all while trying to build sustainable benefits and agility. As one colleague commented after a project meeting last week, “It would be nice to just climb to the top of the mountain and ask the guru how to achieve project management nirvana!”

Ok, so let’s go with that concept for a second. Where do we find the guru, or gurus? How do we get an audience with them, pick their brain, learn from and apply their wisdom? Dr. Rita McGrath, a keynote speaker at this year’s PMO Symposium, might suggest that the ability and willingness to seek out actual information, confront bad news, learn fast from failure and design appropriate approaches is critical; that rapidly changing, volatile environments require us to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set, what we need to learn even if we can’t visualize the outcome at the onset. This may sound like more uncertainty at a time when the quest is to seek more clarity. There is, however, a method to this perceived madness. McGrath’s talk on transient advantage is just one of the many mind-opening presentations on the agenda at the 2017 PMO Symposium (#PMOSym), November 5-8, in Houston, TX.

Nearly 80 industry thought leaders will share their perspectives, relevant strategies, and in-depth case studies at the Symposium, and will also give their insights on the future of project management and how the PMO—a change agent now more than ever—can build a rock-solid foundation for successful outcomes, leadership, and lasting value in a rapidly-evolving environment. The 2017 agenda allows for peer-to-peer interaction throughout the 4-day event, and is stacked with multiple breakout sessions and essential Knowledge Hubs. This year’s speakers and panelists span the globe and represent a wide swath of industries, organizations, and government agencies.

The Symposium’s host city of Houston is, by recent events, emblematic of change and transition as it now deals with the aftermath of last month’s Hurricane Harvey damages. Projects like the City’s reconstruction of a 38 mile stretch of US Highway 290 is one that has required an adaptive approach to manage the project. This timely and highly relevant case study has now been added the Symposium’s Learning Excursion series. The professional trip to The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) offices will illustrate how the agency has faced numerous challenges with the project’s reallocation of inter-agency responsibilities and evolving funding sources. PMOs from various organizations will be able to see and evaluate the project’s evolution that has resulted in implementation adjustments during construction.

Coupled with topics on successful, transformative project management are talks on the qualities that change-driven leaders possess. According to Adrian Gostick, a leadership guru and #1 best-selling leadership author, it is culture that drives innovation and execution. Strong cultures encourage leadership from everyone in the organization and as the project leader, you are the core influencer of the kind of culture at play in your team, division, or whole company.  Gostick will deliver a keynote address at the Symposium that focuses on developing a “Culture of Belief” to drive results, especially within a dynamic work environment. Each of the Symposium’s four keynote speakers not only bring recognized expertise, but will also elicit thought-provoking discussions on Agile Transformation and The Evolving PMO, as well as the practical application skills needed to help lead an organization’s transition to a more adaptive culture.

Project management nirvana? Perhaps this is an oxymoron. But, finding one’s own sense of PMO competency and assuredness in today’s climate is achievable, as the Symposium’s many gurus will attest. So in a sense, mission accomplished: access to the project management gurus and PM enlightenment – and, no exhaustive mountain climbing required.

PMO Symposium  |  Houston, TX  |  November 5-8, 2017

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Show off your PMI Certification!

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If you have a PMI certification, we've made it even easier to display your accomplishment!

PMI has partnered with Acclaim to provide you with a digital badge that proudly displays your professional qualifications and achievements. Plus, your badge comes with valuable job market information so that you can keep your career moving forward.

Your badge is a digital version of your certification, skills and qualifications. It allows you to easily show your colleagues, friends or potential employers:

  • When you earned the certification
  • What key skills are associated with the certification
  • What it takes to qualify for the certification
  • The work you do to actively maintain the certification

You can share your badge on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, in an email signature or embed it in a website. And, you can share your accomplishment with anyone, anywhere—it’s up to you!

Don't want to share your badge? No problem! You can claim your badge without sharing it and still have the ability to access it whenever you need to quickly verify your certification status.

But how do you actually claim your badge? You will receive an email from Acclaim notifying you that PMI has issued you a badge. Click the Accept button below your badge image. This will take you to the Acclaim page, where you will create an account to claim your badge. Once you've confirmed your e-mail address, then you can sign into Acclaim to claim your badge and share your achievement!

For more information regarding PMI Certification Digital Badges and claiming your badge, visit

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President Obama Signs Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act!

From Tommy Goodwin, Government Relations Manager, PMI

Great news! On 14 December, President Barack Obama signed the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act (PMIAA) into law!

As the global advocate for project managers and the project management profession, PMI supported this first-of-its-kind law in the United States to improve workforce development opportunities for project and program managers and improve the success rates and efficiencies of federal government projects and programs.

“PMIAA is an important step to improving the [U.S.] government’s ability to effectively manage its portfolio of projects and programs and will help ensure program managers are able to serve as stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said PMI President and Chief Executive Officer Mark A. Langley.

PMI led the charge on Capitol Hill to demonstrate that organizations that invest in project and program management talent and standards improve outcomes, accountability and efficiency. With PMI’s Pulse of the Profession® research showing that government entities globally waste $101 million for every $1 billion spent on project and programs, lawmakers from both political parties were eager to support legislation that would help improve project and program outcomes and increase the value that Americans receive for their tax dollars.

PMI is grateful for the support of the bipartisan, bicameral authors of the PMIAA legislation—Sen. Joni Ernst from Iowa, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp from North Dakota, Rep. Todd Young from Indiana, and Rep. Gerry Connolly from Virginia—as well as the following co-sponsors:

  • Sen. Bob Casey from Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Mike Bishop from Michigan
  • Rep. Susan Brooks from Indiana
  • Rep. Matt Cartwright from Pennsylvania
  • Rep. Steve Chabot from Ohio
  • Rep. Barbara Comstock from Virginia
  • Rep. Scott DesJarlais from Tennessee
  • Rep. Tammy Duckworth from Illinois
  • Rep. Sam Graves from Missouri
  • Rep. Richard Hanna from New York
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger from Illinois
  • Rep. Steven Palazzo from Mississippi
  • Rep. Steve Pearce from New Mexico
  • Rep. Hal Rogers from Kentucky
  • Rep. Pete Session from Texas
  • Rep. Jackie Walorski from Indiana

Now that the bill has been signed into law, the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has one year to implement the new law… and PMI will be working with OMB and the federal agencies to ensure the U.S. government realizes the benefits of this landmark legislation.

See the news release for more information.

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"Be Yourself" is about the worst advice you can give to people.

- Mark Twain