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Welcome to The Critical Path--the home for community happenings and events on! This is where you'll find community news, updates, upcoming events, featured member posts and more. We'll also be showcasing hot topics in the project management arena and bringing you interviews with industry experts. The Critical Path is our primary way of getting news out to members, so be sure to check back for updates!

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Ask Us Anything - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about PMI Membership Offerings to Support Your Career Journey!

Ask Us Anything re: PMI Citizen Developer - Everything You Ever Wanted to Know!

Register for our next “Discover PMI - Ask Us Anything! Webinar


Please join us for our next our next “Discover PMI - Ask Us Anything!” webinar, Leapfrogging Into the Future—How a New Perspective on Youth Will Help Us Get There, scheduled on 17 March 2021 at 12:00PM EDT. This series includes PMI guest presenters, Anja Blacha, PMI’s Vice President of Youth (as well as the youngest woman to ski to the South Pole), and Ashley Forsyth, Executive Manager of the PMI Educational Foundation.

Our world is evolving at an ever-increasing speed. Keeping up requires us to innovate and change more rapidly to find new solutions to burning issues, including strategies for empowering the next generation of youth to lead and conquer today’s challenges. So, how can a fresh perspective on youth help us to not only keep up with current demands but also bring us into the future faster, better? This webinar will explain PMI’s new perspective and the actions we are taking to embrace today’s young leaders—and how you can do the same. Join us to learn:

  • Why we all benefit from rethinking youth.
  • What PMI is doing to engage and strengthen youth around the globe.
  • How you can help amplify this effort in a local and global capacity.

Both Anja and Ashley will be on hand to answer your questions, discuss your thoughts and provide perspectives on the future we need to embrace right now. 

As you may know, the format of this series of webinars is executed through FREE, non-PDU bearing webinars, meant to encourage conversation with various PMI departments. Simply put, community members, like yourselves, having a one hour Q&A session with a particular PMI department.

Register for FREE at We certainly hope you will join us!

As always, our project is YOU. Your successes and setbacks, your passions and peeves—we want to hear about them all, and help you get to where you're going today and tomorrow. We hope these webinar series guide you in the right direction. Your feedback and ideas are most welcome!

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August 2020 Community News You Can Use

Time is flying by and we’ve certainly been buzzing with activity around the community!  We hope those in the Northern Hemisphere have enjoyed the unseasonably hot summer we’ve had; and those in the Southern Hemisphere have enjoyed a cool winter! However, we do hope you and your families are faring well during this stressful time worldwide. I myself, could have never imagined living during a global pandemic in my lifetime. However, what brings me comfort, and hopefully you as well, is the recognition that WE are ALL in this together, and we will continue to thrive. Hope is the force to dispel all worries and apprehensions we face each and every day, so please keep the faith. Now, let’s see what circulating around the “virtual watercooler” here in our very own community!

Together We Rise – The second installment of the new Virtual Experience Series (VES)!  Learn what it takes to galvanize a community, practice agility daily and lead a global team from Trevor Noah, comedian, host of "The Daily Show", and the manager of many projects. Connect, collaborate and celebrate the impact of our industry. Hosted by journalist, talk show host, and Executive Producer Tamron HallAdditional information and registration here!  

PMIEF: Outcomes and Efficacy of PM Knowledgeable Youth Grant Making, 2012 – 2017 - The Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) at Stanford University led a year-long external evaluation for the PMI Educational Foundation (PMIEF) to examine the foundation's work on behalf of youth-related initiatives from 2012 – 2017.  Join PMIEF to learn the findings of the SCOPE research and the recommendations it generated, especially as these data have helped support the foundation's current strategy and grant investments to strengthen the capacity and programming of youth-serving nonprofits worldwide. Register here for this free webinar!

Have you read the latest Pulse In-Depth: The Innovation Imperative report? PMI research reveals how organizations promote innovative practices that lead to investment in new ideas. Read the full report here.

Take advantage of the latest Unplugged videos with our very own CEO, Sunil Prashara? In addition to providing information about PMI’s ongoing efforts to provide value to its various stakeholders, this space enables you to contact Sunil directly with comments and suggestions. We encourage you to check back frequently for updates and additional information. Sunil’s communications are available in various formats based on the most expedient way to tell the story and share the content with you. Check out the latest episode here.  

Success Story: "Disciplined Agile Changes Everything" - See how Karen Lewis, Vice President, IT at global investment firm Franklin Templeton used Disciplined Agile to increase quality, speed to market AND customer satisfaction.

Interested in Volunteering? There are volunteer opportunities available for everyone no matter how much time you have or whether you want to be involved at a local, national, or global level. Get Involved with these PMI Opportunities!

Types of volunteer opportunities include:

  • Contribute to the development of professional standards that shape the future of the profession
  • Manage local PMI chapters
  • Influence the profession by writing and publishing white papers and reviewing project management manuals, books and periodicals
  • Help younger professionals build experience and grow their careers

That’s all for now, and we encourage you to check back for future updates within the Critical Path blog. Again, stay safe and keep being the great members you are! Thank you for all of your feedback and engagement, and keep up the good work!

Also, if you feel so inclined, tell us what new skills or hobbies you’ve developed while the majority of us are indefinitely working from home. We would love to hear all about the creative side you may never knew you had!

Be well my friends!

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Join Us for the PMIEF 30th Anniversary Celebration!

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Welcome to the PMIEF 30th Anniversary Celebration! All day long on Tuesday the 4th of August, we are celebrating the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF) 30th anniversary by highlighting the Educational Foundation and how you can give back to your community through social good efforts.


We’re excited to open up our community today to all project professionals around the world to continue the conversation around making a difference through the use of project management. We have two LIVE webinars (open to all) and plenty of other content focused on how you—the PMI community of practitioners, PMI chapter volunteers, donors and more—have helped bring PMIEF’s mission and vision to life. Find out what content we have in store for you today by checking out the guide below! 


Content Type


Webinar (Live)

30 Years of PMIEF

Webinar (Live)

Tools for Teaching Career Readiness Skills in a Global Economy


The Impact of Giving Back Through PMIEF


Celebrating PMIEF's 30th Anniversary: How a Scholarship Helped an Infantry Officer Transfer to the Private Sector


PMIEF’s Partnerships Help Youth Build Life Skills


PMIEF by the Numbers


PMIEF Donor Spotlight: Teresa Burgess, PMP®


Find the Professional Development Opportunity That’s Right for You with PMIEF


A Q&A with Jim Snyder, Founding Member of PMI


PM4L, PMI Melbourne Chapter, and PMIEF: Shifting to Virtual Delivery During COVID19 


But wait...there's MORE!


TODAY ONLY: For those of you who read and comment on PMIEF’s content on 4 August 2020 here on, you’ll receive an exclusive badge!

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Thank You For All Your Support!

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On this global day of giving, we are grateful for people like you who choose to support our mission to promote Project Management for Social Good®. We are focused on working together to help create a better future for people and communities around the world, especially our youth, by leveraging the power of project management. So, how would your gift make a difference?

This year, support from donors has helped PMIEF:

  1. Work with nonprofits to help some of our most vulnerable youth
  2. Supply project management scholarships and awards
  3. Bring PM education to communities around the world

gift to PMIEF of just $25 by year-end will have a ripple effect on people and communities around the world. Together we’ll change the world, one project at a time!

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PMI Educational Foundation Open House - Happening Today!

Welcome to our annual open house! All day long, in celebration of #GivingTuesday, and in collaboration with the Project Management Institute Educational Foundation (PMIEF), we are highlighting how you can use project management to give back.

We are thrilled to open up our community today to all project professionals around the world to continue the conversation around making a difference through the use of project management. We have a LIVE webinar (open to all), two on-demand webinars, and plenty of other content focused on how people just like you are utilizing their project management skills to create lasting change in their communities. 

Find out what content we have in store for you today by downloading the PM for Social Good® 2019 Open House Program Guide! You can also find a listing of today's content below:

Content Type


Webinar (Live)

Destination Imagination: Teaching Youth the Importance of Project Management

Webinar (On-Demand)

2019 PMIEF Award Recipient Roundtable

Webinar (On-Demand)

WFUNA, PMI and PMIEF: Changing the Lives of Youth Around the World


Advice to My Younger Self: The Benefits of Learning Project Management Early in Life


Advice to My Younger Self: The Benefits of Learning Project Management Early in Life (Part 2)


A Kerzner Award Recipient Shares Why Teaching PM Skills to Youth is 'Essential'


PM-Inspired Program Changes the Lives of Youth in India


What Do Farming and PM Have in Common? PMIEF


Partners for Education at Berea College: Using PM Skills to Transform Lives Through Community Service


How Project Management Empowers Youth Around the World


Life Skills Youth Learn Through Project Management


PMIEF and Special Olympics Partner to Prepare Youth Leaders


Donor Spotlight: Germán Gutiérrez-Pacheco, PMP®

But wait...there's MORE!

TODAY ONLY: For all of those who download the program guide on Tuesday, 03 December 2019 as part of your participation in the Open House, you will receive a special badge for your profile!

We hope that you become inspired to give back to your community and make a difference, no matter how big or how small. In the spirit of celebration and togetherness today's content is open to anyone and everyone so invite your friends and colleagues to join in on the fun!

gift to PMIEF of just $25 by year-end will have a ripple effect on people and communities around the world. Together we’ll change the world, one project at a time!

Help us celebrate #GivingTuesday with the PMIEF and enjoy the day!


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