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Love the Process, Not the Outcome

Hello, I would like to re-introduce myself. My name is Kevin and it has been almost one month since my last post. The reason for my absence has been my struggle with the scope of this blog. Since the Open Learning Workshop I lead with the fantastic folks at the PMI Mike Hi Chapter, I have struggled with where I want to take this blog and I am asking for your help.

The original goal was to share learning resources and tools that I think would help project managers expand their professional development. After the workshop, I began to wonder if I should create a learning guide project managers could use to help them but if you spend a couple minutes online, you realize there are a bunch of different learning guides and resources. So I don’t want to re-invent the wheel again. If you ask me, my favorite learning management tool is still Degreed. Yesterday though, I was listening to the Tim Ferris Podcast and enjoyed a fantastic conversation between Mr. Ferris and Josh Waitzkin, who was the inspiration for the movie Searching for Bobby Fischer. He has written a book, The Art of Learning, which has moved to the top of my reading list backlog. Josh made me realize there are a lot of smart people, much smarter than me, who are in the middle of this learning conversation, so why not use their ideas to help us expand our professional development.

Instead of worrying about how I can help you learn, what I can promise is to share with you my learning story. In the podcast conversation, Mr. Waitzkin reminds us to focus on the process, not the outcome. As project managers, that is very difficult. We constantly are questioning how we are going to apply what we learn and how we want to measure our progress. Metrics are important because they help us visualize our progress. For this blog, I have been worrying about what value I am delivering you and the project management community.

My interests and goals have always been most comfortable in the world of learning and education. As a project manager, it is my job to create a space where my team and clients are able to explore the possibilities and design their own unique outcomes and solutions. So how can I do that with this blog?

Perhaps it is really that simple. Everyone possesses unique qualities that make us who we are. Mr. Waitzkin shared a great phrase he uses quite often. I don’t remember it exactly but the essence is, we have to fall in love with our funk. We have to fall in love with who we are and embrace our uniqueness, even if it doesn’t fall in line with everyone else.

So my funk is I am a project manager who was raised in the beautiful horse country of Wyoming thanks to my beautiful parents who taught elementary and high school students for over 80 years combined. So I am a project manager who loves to learn, there you have it.

My goal from the very beginning with this blog has been to share with you what I find and hope that it helps you in your professional development journey. How you apply your learning is entirely up to you, I just hope it is accompanied with a smile :)

Thank you as always for sharing this moment.

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4-Hour Thinking and Innovation

When you read the title, The 4-Hour Work Week, what is your first thought? The same question applies to The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef.

Tim Ferriss, the author of all these books, now has a blog and podcast online titled,

The Four Hour Work Week Blog and The Four Hour Work Week Podcast.

I recently discovered Tim's blog and have found all of his posts fascinating. Just check out a few of these titles and try not to click on them, seriously I dare you:

12 Rules for Learning Foreign Languages in Record Time - The Only Post You'll Ever Need

Kevin Kelly on Artificial Intelligence and Designer Babies

The Maverick of Brain Optimization

Sam Harris on Daily Routines, The Trolley Scenario, and 5 Books Everyone Should Read

Jane McGonigal on Getting More Done with Less Stress and The Health Benefits of Gaming

I wanted to share Tim's blog with you because I think he represents a new way of thinking.

When I earned my PMP, I thought all I had to do was follow the PMBoK word-for-word and everything would take care of itself. Now I realize the PMBoK is simply a tool in my larger toolkit. To grow in my career and succeed as a project management leader, I have to develop other skills that enable me to adapt to whatever situation I may encounter throughout the world.

We keep hearing the conversation about developing more skills and abilities in business and trying to be more innovative but where do we learn those skills? There are of course hundreds if not thousands of resources available on the internet but I find resources like Tim's Ferriss' blog to be some of the best because they quickly take us away from our usual way of thinking and require us to feel a little uncomfortable. At the end of the day though, we realize how much stronger and smarter we have become thanks to folks like Tim.

So if you haven't done so already, click on one of the titles above and let me know what you think.

Thank you again for sharing this moment.



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