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David Hillson, The Risk Doctor, shares key tips on understanding and managing risk, blending thought-leadership with expert practical application. Managing risk is easy - find out how!

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About this Blog

David Hillson is known globally as The Risk Doctor, with a reputation for blending thought-leadership with practical expert application. He has worked in nearly 50 countries, on every continent except the Antarctic. David speaks and writes widely on risk, with eleven major books, and hundreds of papers. Many of his risk insights have been incorporated into standard practice, including the risk chapter of PMI's PMBOK(R) Guide.

In this blog David shares helpful tips and hints on how to find the real risks that might affect your project, how to prioritise them objectively, and how to develop effective responses that change your risk exposure.


"If you think you've hit a false note, sing loud. When in doubt, sing loud."

- Robert Merrill