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Vision to Value: Executing Strategically Focused Initiatives

Executing initiatives, and their component projects, successfully means delivering value to customers. The Vision to Value blog focuses on solutions to the organizational problems that inhibit that success.

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About this Blog

The Vision to Value blog was established to help others understand the tools needed by project managers to run projects successfully. Too many times, we (project managers and our bosses) focus on scope, schedule, and budget and forget that what the customer, and executives, want is value. The challenge is that value is often too intangible to be measured and placed is a spreadsheet or a graph. Value can be how well a business analyst help a customer see how to changes their process, how a project manager worked with users to accommodate change, or how a sponsor, who has mastered organizational change, shepherded an end-user team into adopting a new set of processes. This takes leadership at the project level, often without any authority.

The goal is to discuss these items in this blog. Yes, discuss. I hope that my posts will encourage you to add you experience and thoughts as comments and we, as a community, can have a meaningful dialog. I will bring my experiences in rescuing failing projects, project audits, and building organizations that can run projects better, and you bring that broader experience of thousands of experiences around the world and across hundreds of domains.

Please join in on the conversation.

Todd C. Williams
eCameron, Inc.
Author:Rescue the Problem Project


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