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Introducing "MP4PM-MindmaPping for ProjectManagement" - Part III

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Introducing "MP4PM-MindmaPping for ProjectManagement" - Part I

Introducing "MP4PM-MindmaPping for ProjectManagement" - Part I

In our last Mind Mapping article we have given an overview why we think that Mind Mapping is that beneficial for project management. You can find some other articles, blogs and even webinars here at where mind mapping is already promoted.
For some reason most of them are relatively old and it seems that this topic has been lacked a bit in the past. I have a personal passion for Mind Mapping in general and for
Mind Mapping tools/software and their usage for project management especially and worked with Mindjet MindManager for instance since some years now.

And I am totally convinced that Mind Mapping could be a big help in making the project managers work easier and more efficient.
A surve
y by Mind Mapping expert Chuck Frey for instance, shows that business users of mind mapping believe their productivity has increased on average by 25%. 

Mind mapping is being used across organizations to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Enhance meetings
  • Simplify request for proposals (RFP)
  • Overview knowledge management
  • Optimize project management 
  • Improve collaboration and communication
  • and much more…

In addition i do believe that tool-supported Mind Mapping could be used to support more or less all the PMBoK Guide Processes and ITTO’s in a great way. And this is exactly what we want to realize; therefore we are actually working on an integrated approach which we called "MP4PM - Mind maPping for Project Management".

Starting with this blog we will introduce the most recent features of “MP4PM” over the next few days/weeks while resulting in a comprehensive introduction and overview as a webinar, kicking off a huge webinar series about the usage and how to apply “MP4PM” in your daily project work.

Here are the first two features we want to realize with “MP4PM”:

In our next blog we will not only provide the next two “MP4PM” features; we will also show you the very first deliverable/result of “MP4PM” as a sneak preview, so you can see what to expect in near future. And the bonus is: it is ready to use out of the box for anybody who wants to try. So stay tuned … ;)


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