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#theory: What Agile really is?

PM Network, December. Agile in practice

Newton´s Laws applied to Organizational change


IN SPANISH: Entendiendo la nueva GUIA del PMBOK

#theory: What Agile really is?

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Short article published into PMI´s PM Network official newsletter
Key references:
-USA DoD NSF/Agility Forum, Leihigh University, 1990
A four year long work started in 1990 to find an alternative to Lean (that is because Lean and Agile are not the same). It was a theorical-practical work where the top 250 companies in the USA related to several business domains have interacted along the four years. The main result were the formal definition of Agile and agility terms.
-Rick Dove´s work because he was the forum leader. Most of the deliverables created in the forum can be found here: Response Ability: The Language, Structure, and Culture of the Agile Enterprise,




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PM Network, December. Agile in practice

Short article about practical experiences to implement and working into Agile environments.


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Agile in non-agile environments

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A great example about how to use some techniques and tools to gain in agility.

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Great publication about agile non telling history

If you need to use agile you need to know about the genesis to not fail. 
Take a look:

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Agile y Agility: la historia no contada (spanish translation of PM Network article)

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Mi articulo publicado en la edicion en ingles ahora tambien en la edicion en español de PM Network. Es la página 68.

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