Fouad has 13 years of planning experience in cement and glass industry. Over five years of experience managing projects, operations, contracts, and personnel. His work experience includes short and long term planning, project management, contracts and procurement, data analysis, claims adjudication and business writing. Fouad was a certified in 2015 as a Project Management Professional. Search to answer the big question "Life is a big project...How we can successes in it...???"

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PMO...Who, What & Why...?

Active Listening Skills - Coaching Opportunity

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Ten skills you need to thrive by 2020

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PMO...Who, What & Why...?

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Active Listening Skills - Coaching Opportunity

7 active listening skills can help turn a typical conversation into a coaching opportunity:

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Ten skills you need to thrive by 2020

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Enterprise Vision between Managers & Leaders Actions

As in all cases when overwhelm hits, the best approach is to break down all the “stuff” and start to analyze it in more detail. It is very important to know first what the right things that must you do are, and then take a tactical action to do these things in right way.

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key speakers during Egypt Cement Manufacturing Conference 2018

I have been honoured to be invited among key speakers during Egypt Cement Manufacturing Conference 2018 Organized by IQPC Middle East, Come and hear real-life case studies from cement manufacturers and meet with leading industry vendors to find out about the latest market trends.

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"A behaviorist is someone who pulls habits out of rats."

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