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Managing any project successfully is all about Team Work combined with years of Accrued Expertise. It is an asset to have an educational background that compliments your field of expertise but "education" without "experience" is like an "arrow" without a "bow." You can never make a perfect shot with a temporary arrow unless you have a permanent bow called: "Life's Experience." Remember, you can never teach experience but you can always teach from experience.

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Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) in Construction











Recently, many companies are adopting the IPD approach in lieu of the traditional Design-Build for the following reasons: 

  1. Has as proven to successfully integrate people, systems, business structures and different practices into a process that collaboratively binds the talents and insights of all parties to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste and maximize efficiency through all phases of design and construction.
  2. Is the emerging approach to organize project teams in order to achieve lean construction at a time when the industry is searching for ways to eliminate waste, cut costs, improve productivity, and create positive outcomes. 
  3. Allow Owners and Development Managers to effectively balance the project options to meet their business enterprise goals.
  4. Allow Construction Managers to contribute their expertise in construction techniques early in the design process which will result in improved quality and financial performance.
  5. Allow Designers to benefit from the early contribution of the CM resulting in an optimized design.



American Institute of Architects (AIA)

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How to Prepare for your PMP Exam ?

Being someone who is currently studying to sit for the PMP Exam soon, I would like to share my humble experience, from my personal point of view, in terms of what was the best way I found effective to study for the exam:

  • What: Read the PMBOK 5th Edition in details - Why: It will reinforce your knowledge about the standard. 
  • What: Answer the PMChallenge "1000 Questions" - Why: It will help you memorize and reinforce your understanding of the Standard. (It does not give you the real feel of the exam).
  • What: Study PMP Exam Prep Books (Example: Rita Malcahy 8th Edition Updated) Why: It will help you understand the standard even better and relate to it with practical examples. 
  • What: Solve Simulation Exams(Not the Free Ones) - Why: It will give you a feel of the exam atmosphere, tricks and gives you a level of confidence whether you are Good to Go or not.
  • What: Experience - Why: If you are an experienced professional then you probably have done all of this on different levels. 

Many could add more to the above mentioned or have different points of view - I just thought of sharing what I've learned through my colleagues here in this community(Special Thanks to Markus Klein & Stephane Parent)  and from preparing for the exam myself as I thought it might help guide others through their PMP Exam preparation. 

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2016 !

Always Remember: Study for your own Knowledge, not only because you are going to sit for an Exam ! 

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