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The Victory Over Difficulty Report

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Passing PMI-RMP exam

Categories: Motivation

Dear all and good day,

Alhamdulillah, I've passing my PMI-RMP exam last January 2017. Apart from that, the same month 2016, I have passed PMP exam. Every year, I managed to get 1 credential from PMI. Even though, no promotions from my company once I passing every credential, it is okay, because I did it not for something else but for my personal development and satisfaction. We might not to do all just for money right in term of rewards but for long term target. Once you have this kind of credential, you value is increased and for future it will benefit to you. Also, from the thing that I learnt in PMI-RMP, it gave me a lot understanding on managing risk.

This risk management knowledge areas will definitely assist me on daily works that I did for my worked. I will use it in my daily routine works and it helps me a lot honestly. Sometimes i did also promoting this PMI-RMP to my friends, because the more people understanding on the concept and the correct way managing risk, then it will helps the project to complete better to achieve cost, scope and quality that we have planned.

Apart from that for Malaysian, I do suggest below training centre EPM that approved by PMI for your next training or plan to do PMI-RMP credential. They have good system and even do have online exam preparation for me. Please find below my short testimony to them and you may contact Haliza for details.

First of all, I would like to thanks to EPM to give opportunity to take PMI-RMP course with EPM. It is my second course with EPM after the PMP Boot Camp course. It is great to deal with this institutions since it is provide good supporting during my inquiry for any course conducted and the staffs also very helpful. 

I attended the PMI-RMP course in 2016, and for my application,  PMI did some random checking on my application which EPM did assist on the documents require to send to PMI (hardcopy). Finally my application approved and can start plan for examination date. In general, the book that I referred most is the one provided during course by EPM and training pack as well. 

I do a lot of study for this exam, and do a few times exercise for the same examination questions to gauge my understanding.  Which at first most of my score mark either exam via EPM website or sample questions bank by EPM, the result below 75%. But a month before the exam, the same question, I managed to score above 90%. By the time, it has built my confident to ready for the exam. 

In summary for exam prep for PMI-RMP :

1. Study all chapter in the Risk management.

2. Understanding the concept and its application.

3. A lot of questions regarding Monte Carlo, thus require to do a lot of study in this chapter. 

4. Take a rest a few days before exam since you will require a lot of focus during 3.5hr exam.

In general from oil and gas industry,  I do recommended EPM as good training provider. You may follow this link for details 


Hj Sahir Ahmad, PMI-RMP, PMP

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Difficult Projects, create a worst project manager?

Categories: Motivation

Assalamualaikum and Hi all,


This article just o give some reflection on how we understanding on project management. Sometimes we tend to avoid any problematic but in real world actually this kind of project will create a better project manager and not the worst project manager.

In reality, how we managing this kind of projects if do happen to us. If we take it negatively, we will not able to improve ourself but instead become a worst project manager.

Now we need to start to be positive in handling any difficult project. Sometimes in reality we not dealing with only the project problem but dealing with the difficult people. As project management professional, we shall adopt the processes and knowledge areas in our project and educate other people on the correct in handling project management.

Some key points in handling this kind of situation;

1. Be calm, and start to organize everything and get everyone clearly on their scope of works.

2. Explore some opportunity to meeting/discuss with team member on the way forward and how mitigate the issue.

3. Take further action pro-actively instead of waiting the solution from others. You can do any initiatives to solving the problems.

Maybe some of us, the first thing come in our mind is to run away from the project or searching any other great projects. Instead of dwelling with this problematic problem.

Hopefully all above can give you some ideas in order to make your decision.

M Sahir A Shatiry, PMP.

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Team building , why we need to have it ?

Categories: Teamwork

Assalamualaikum & Good day all,

Based on the theory of Tuckman's team formation, we will see the team will having 5 stages of formation from forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. However the additional of fifth formation of adjourning only added in 1977. In this article I would like to share the idea of team building and this is part of technique for us to expedite the formation of the team.

When normally we can plan for the team building, which stages of the team formation is applicable for this activities? For me the team building can be done in any of Tuckman's Theory, however, the we should understanding the idea of having team building. The idea is to prosper the relationship between all team member of the team. This might be a challenge at the beginning of the project since the team member are new and not know each others among the team. Thus, this team building concept is to enhance the relationship as well as to create understanding between all of team member.

What the team building stand for? Referring to the wikipedia the team building is define as Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.

I have handling many projects and participated in many team building, and I assure a part of the having off-day from routine office hours, we check in at remote area to have this team building program either at forest, beach area or any other location that remotely from office areas, this team building is great to know each other among the team.

Recently, I have participated one team building organised by my project at Ulsan, Korea. The team building activities just a day, by having hiking activities early in the morning and lunch together after the program. It is great to have this program even though it is only half day program but we have having a lot between the team especially create the bonding between the team. We start to recognise and knowing other people in the team. In the office we might not have the good time to chit chat since each of us having occupy with duty works or jobs to be done.

This off-work time we have spent together, can create the time for all the team member chit chat and to know each other. A part from that, we also can see the beautiful scenery of Ulsan, Korea especially in the eve of Cherry Blossom. Thus in summary for me the intention of the team building are;

1) To prosper the relationship between the team member

2) To know each other by having the time we spent together in the team building

3) To build the trust and ownership of the project that all team member handles

I hope my short article provide the simple introduction of team building, I hope any constructive comments on my article.

Thank You.

Sahir Ahmad, PMP

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PMI-RMP Exam Preparation... will you dare to challenge yourself ?!

Categories: Motivation

Assalamualaikum and Hi All,        

   Recently I have attended the training organised by EPM training provider on PMI-RMP exam preparation. Just after I got my PMP in January this year, now in March I plan to get another certification from PMI. Personally from the PMP stage, I already challenge myself to pass the exam, now the same momentum still there for me to get next exam.

Some photos taken during my classes PMI-RMP exam preparation;

I suggest to those who already pass their PMP, start to plan to take PMI-RMP certification as next challenge to you. Also the advantages not only be able to get another certification from PMI, you also can claim PDUs for your PMP.

For PMI-RMP, the exam consist of 175 questions with exam time for 3 1/2 hour. For those who already experience taking the PMP exam, as explained by the trainer the exam shall be less difficult compare to PMP exam which you need to study the whole knowledge areas and processes. For the PMI-RMP you only need to cover on the Stakeholders, Communication and Risk. But still, you will not able to pass the exam if you not study well enough.

The study mostly focus on this 3 chapters only, however still you will need to study and ready for it prior exam. As usual the questions from PMI not a matter of remembering the theory but you understand the concept and it's implementation. After I have completed by PMP, my day fill empty since I don't need to early wake up for study, readings books and do some exam test.

Thus, I plan to take this training and plan to study for the next certification, from there I will can cherish back my daily life with routine study activities. I love to challenge myself and this new certification will increase my adrenaline to do better and with only first attempt.

It's good to teach your mind to thinks and learning something new, the concept explain and establish my PMI very structure and easy for me to study and understanding the concept. I plan to study for 2 months and ready for taking the exam, wish me luck!

For those who plan to attend the PMI-RMP exam preparation, you may contact the person either Atikah or Haliza. They are very friendly and will able to assist you very well, follow this link 


Sahir Ahmad,PMP

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Project Management in Oil and Gas Industry.

Categories: Industry

Assalamualaikum and Hi all,

We global issue on oil and gas on recession, all global oil & gas company need to diligently in handling theirs projects. All major company start to lay off some of their staffs and only maintain economical projects that to be done in year 2016. Now each of projects that need to be done in year 2016, need to run with optimise cost , schedule and scope.

All what we can see is that, the project management knowledge is crucial to make this happen. What I can say is that, we currently global recession in oil and gas business, all project managers need to enhance theirs skills and knowledge in handling projects. 

Some of the major company that already lay off their staff such as:

1.Shell plans to layoff 10,000 employees during merger as new statistics show employment in the U.S. oil industry has dropped by 100,000.

2.Shell Malaysia tops the list with a projected 1,300 job cuts in two years.

3.Petronas with a projected 1,000 job cuts in 2016.

Thus, in year 2016, we can foresee than handling projects much more tougher in oil and gas industry. With the current scenario, you need to run the project with smaller budget and less Project Management Team, as such previously 1 project we might have 50 pax member, but this year might only have 30 pax to handling the same size of project.

Let, during the project evaluation they put the return of investment (ROI) for the project with oil price $50 , but suddenly this year in January 2016, the price drop to below $30 which further impact to run on-going projects.








The slump price of oil starting Quarter 3 last year, and further decrease this year, mostly effected all big oil and gas company. It will reflect on how the way of each company handling the project. Also, with current scenario, to optimise the running cost, we saw a few company take plan to merger among their division or subsidiary, by having this theirs PMO will be integrated and manage by single point instead of previously each subsidiary do have their individual PMOs. Like Shell announces successful completion of BG merger. It is also capturing the plan for Halliburton to merge with Baker-Hughes. All the plan of merger for facing with trending of world oil price.

However something to ponder with, it is will be effective enough for all company or its subsidiary in oil and gas business to merge? We all know that in oil and gas business, we do have downstream business and upstream business. Typically we can say in project management, it can be done as well as we follow the overall project life cycle knowledge area. But the different will be handling the mindset and area of expertise for each of project managers and PMT.

The human resources will be play a big roles to make all the changes in any organisation to success. Without the acceptance from all workers in the company, the changes of the entire organisation as such merger will be not successfully as we tend to. Nevertheless, all the plan for merger shall be done details analysis and etc. In summary, it is crucial for all managers in oil and gas industry to equip themselves with knowledge in project management. 

This will help them  a lot in effectively managing theirs projects and can make sure the project success as define scope and complete as planned schedule. Honestly, I'm also understood with the current oil market price, it challenging for all of us to managing our projects, but rest assure with depth understanding in project management will make it better.

Thank You.

M Sahir B A Shatiry

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"Conventional people are roused to fury by departure from convention, largely because they regard such departure as a criticism of themselves."

- Bertrand Russell