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Risks are all over your project, from the birth of the idea to completion. Maximize benefits with true risk management of your project. In this blog, I bring ideas, some basic level of knowledge on key project subjects. I try to have everything identical in English and French.

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The Power of Connection with Vikas Narula

This is a conference I have much enjoyed last year. 

Vikas Narula - The Power of Connection - Bridging the Divide

Talk about the difference between corporate hierarchy organigram and organization real communication network. With an excellent way to present those network.

Hope some of you will find this presentation inspiring.

What is your preferred point in the presentation?

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Henry Mintzberg - Free minded speaker in an intimate conversation

A nice interview I finally get to listen to "Henry Mintzberg - Listening to his current views on management, rebalancing society and Agility". That was one of the keynote speakers at last year Agile Tour Montreal.

You might know Henry Mintzberg for is contributions on management, organizational configurations, or coordination with tasks.

I found many interesting perspectives in this interview conference. Some about the balance between government and the private sector.

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What matter in team

Just came across this article in Inc. that I found interesting for a project team.

Nine points that have a positive impact on a team. You may already apply most of them.

- Listen carefully

- Show empathy

- Ask questions

- Encourage others to ask questions

- Empower your team

- Be a coach, not a problem solver

- Commend sincerely and specifically

- Make critical feedback constructive

- Show concern for the "person," not the "employee."

I found that the last five are the one that people have the most difficulty to put into practice.


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