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Today all organizations depend on technological innovation in order to sustain their existence. Analysis of emerging technologies and identification of those technologies with the greatest potential is essential to being prepared for upcoming projects. The objective of this blog is to establish future oriented technology analysis and insights. This blog was established to provide program and project managers with information about these emerging technologies. These emerging technologies have far reaching repercussions for program and project managers. This blog will jump-start the learning process and allow program and project managers to become proactive.

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Smart City (from scratch) Project Underway in the USA.

Corporate New Year's Resolution?

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Traditionally, many people make at least one New Year’s resolution.  A recent corporate interaction makes me wonder if that is becoming a tradition for corporations.  At an executive briefing, a few attendees talked about a growing concern they have about emerging technology.  When you look at the number of interesting/valuable emerging technologies and the estimated size of that market segment, which certainly is becoming an increasingly challenging issue for many businesses.  That also impact program and project management.  After thinking about this interaction, I found a study that found that 63 percent of managers feel their organizations adopt new technology too slowly.

Is that one of the many New Year’s resolutions corporate executives have for 2018?

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Very interesting development

Now this is interesting.  Researchers at Harvard developed a remarkable new battery technology.  This new development allows the batteries to run for over a month!  Now that is disruption. 

The consumer market is projected to top US$43 billion by 2022.  Think about the dramatic changes to the market.

Check it out.


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The question of the day- How many Gigs are you wearing?

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An article in Scientific American asked the question:

How Many Gigs Are You Wearing?

They went on to explain that magnetic clothing (MC) could be coming to a clothing retailer near you.  The MC could be used to store user names, passwords and other important commonly used data.  Hope it has cyber security measures figured out!!

So now the second big question:  Anyone have that on their radar for future projects?




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BREAKING NEWS- Cryptocurrencies Plunge

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The 1375 cryptocurrencies nave a market cap of $492,357,479,650!  What a sell-off. 

Is the future of digital money now in question!

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BREAKING: Cryptocurrencies Hit New High

The 1,365 cryptocurrencies now have a total value that tops $600 billion USD.  The first of January this year there were 617 cryptocurrencies with a total value of $17.7 billion USD.

Now that is growth - where it goes from here is anyone's guess.

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"Things should be made as simple as possible, but not any simpler."

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