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Design Thinking has emerged as a practical methodology for driving innovative outcomes. This blog aims to explore the intersection between Design Thinking and Project Management and to start a conversation on leveraging Design Thinking for contribution to the Project Management practice.

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Big Bang Delivery is Dead

ASSERTION: The era of the big bang transformation and delivery is dead. Rapid, hybrid solution delivery is ascendant and necessary.

- Do you agree or disagree?


Given the rapid pace of technology and business disruption, most organizations are investing heavily just to keep up with the changes. What differentiates the leaders from the laggards in addressing this disruption is how they organize their business to execute against strategy.

We can no longer use the model of monolithic programs that go on for 2-3 years. Organizations find that what they set out to do or solve at the beginning is not what they will finish doing.

In the current business environment, traditional delivery models are now looking too rigid and organizations are locked into investments that often miss the mark. Leading organizations are using rapid delivery cycles that mobilize a project very quickly, aiming to release the product into market or to customers with minimum investment.


- How does role of the Project Manager change with this trend?

- How does the role of the PMO change?

- Does the approach to portfolio management need to adjust?


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Making a Difference

I am really looking forward to this year's PMI Global Conference in Chicago. This will be my first PMI Conference that I have attended outside of my regional chapter's professional development symposiums.

This year's conference theme "Making a Difference" asks us as professionals: Are you a Difference Maker? Who do you want to be?

I ask myself "Am I a Difference Maker"? -- "Miracle Worker"? -- "Bar Raiser"? -- "Game Changer" or even a "Deadline Crusher"? I probably could best describe myself as both a "Chaos Tamer" as well as a "Collaboration Wizard". Throughout my career, I endeavored to build working environments and team cultures that promote collaboration, innovation and fun.

I am also looking forward to the keynote speakers (Tim Berners-Lee, Nicholas Epley and Mercedes Ramirez-Johnson) at the Global Conference. They each have interesting background and experiences. 


Where you will likely find me at the conference...

Saturday, October 28th

  • Coffee and First-Time Attendee Conference Orientation
  • Opening Keynote with Sir Tim Berners-Lee
  • I hope you can join my session from 3:30 to 4:30pm (New Timeslot) for my presentation "Design Thinking & Project Management". This session is for individuals who want to learn more about design (e.g. managing innovation) and who want to start incorporating design into their projects and programs. 
  • How to Make Better Choices for You, Your Team, and Your Projects by Andy Kaufman or Transformation Leadership by Steve Mayner.
  • And to close out the day with the Annual Membership Meeting and then dinner and networking.
  • I plan on reviewing the PMI Global Standards Poster Sessions sometime on Saturday and Sunday.

Sunday, October 29th

  • Morning Coffee and then Keynote with Nicholas Epley
  • Organizing for Projects by Monique Aubry or Facilitating Effective Brainstorming Sessions by Brian Richardson & Katrine Maguire
  • Leadership Lessons We May Have Learned... by Ron Kurtz & Melissa Panagides-Busch
  • Adaptive Project Management by Andy Silber or Leading During a Disaster by Niraj Kumar
  • And of course I plan to attend Karen Chovan's The Necessary Culture for Soaring Performance.
  • Dinner and networking

Monday, October 30th

  • Morning Coffee and then AI and Project Management by Prasanna Adavi 
  • Creating an Enterprise Culture of Project Management by Beth Allen & Abby Frelich
  • The Language of Leadership by Dennis Cummins
  • Closing keynote with Mercedes Ramirez-Johnson

See you in Chicago!

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"If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things."

- Rene Descartes