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Today, more than ever, a project manager needs to be an influencer. The purpose of this blog is to stimulate your journey towards greater influence. With influence, you can overcome the roadblocks thrown in your way, overcome opposition, align stakeholders and, enjoy your role even more. However, since I know you are busy, the posts here will be short (about a minute), thought provoking and also drive you towards action. Feel free to connect with me, ask me questions, and share what's good here.

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Back in 2017 when I contributed to the PMI with my webinars I didn't expect them to get so much traction. I knew that influence is an important topic for Project/Program Managers, which I guess is why I was asked to do them in the first place.

Looking at the stats, this has been borne out, so I thought I'd kick off this blog again to share more practical ideas on the topic of influence.

When we did the webinars, we conceptualised them as a short course on influence, which now lives on in the PMI OnDemand library. So, why not check them out here:

  1. Strategic Influencing for Project Managers
  2. Diagnosing Power Dynamics Around Your Project
  3. How to Handle Project Politics
  4. Engaging Stakeholders with Style
  5. Building Your Reputation
  6. Gravitas: Making a Powerful Impact

There have been literally hundreds of comments, so why not add yours too. And when you do, help others in the community by making substantive comments about what you found most interesting, your own suggestions on the topic (I don't have a monopoly on good ideas!) or even, ask relevant questions. I look at them all, and will respond too.


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Gravitas: It's Not What You Do...

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Nor is it the way that you do it.

Gravitas is what you are, at the deepest level, when you know that you can handle whatever comes at you, with ease.

Many believe that you can paper over the cracks. Put on a serious looking face. Tough it out. Well, perhaps you can, but many will notice that you are not as confident as you are pretending. People may even be amused by your charade.

And, this is where things start to deteriorate. Unexplained levels of confidence are met with suspicion. If trust is what you want (and it is what you ought to be aiming for), and you are hiding your real lack of confidence, you could be heading for trouble.

On the other side, if you display your lack of confidence, what then? You may appear authentic for sure, but will people take the action you want them to take? Or, maybe they will just sit there wondering why you lack the confidence in what you are saying.

Yet gravitas is what is needed, if you are to get on, become recognised in a positive light, and join the senior group. A person who has arrived.

Solving this dilemma, developing this sense of presence and poise, it what I'll be exploring with those attending my webinar here next week: Gravitas: Making a Powerful Impact  (August 15th).

As is usual in my webinars, I'll be getting everyone involved, sharing their experiences in the world of project management, and ensuring that you walk away with some tangible benefit that can help you to improve the impact you create around you and your work. 

See you then!


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