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Explaining Emotional Intelligence using Metaphor

Conversation Around Agile , Scrum , Kanban and Waterfall.

Overview of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Conversation around PMP® Preparations with Vishal Motwani 

Conversation: Winning over distractions in PMP® Exam Preparation

Explaining Emotional Intelligence using Metaphor

Categories: Coaching

I have been training professional on Coaching skills. Emotional Intelligence plays a vital role in developing coaching skills, or we can say EI is an essential skill for any role where you are expected to lead and influence. Here I am sharing my new way to explain emotional intelligence in short time; this is something I discovered last month and professionals are finding it useful. The video is from our actual classroom session on Agile Coaching held in Delhi.
To know more about our Agile Coaching program, please visit iZenBridge

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Conversation Around Agile , Scrum , Kanban and Waterfall.

Categories: Agile

In one of our recent Certified ScrumMaster session we had interesting conversation around fundamental differences and similarities between Agile, Scrum , Kanban and Waterfall. 


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Overview of Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)

Categories: SAFe, Scaled Agile

In last few years we have observed organizations exploring ways to scale agile from one team to organization. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe® ) is one of the leading scaling frameworks. 
The video explains the basic structure of SAFe® and can work as good starting point for learning SAFe® . Here are few more resources you can explore 

1.    Complete details of SAFe®

2.    Training on SAFe® Certifications

I have been working as SAFe Program Consultant for last two years, and I have trained more than 500 professionals on SAFe

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Conversation around PMP® Preparations with Vishal Motwani 

Categories: PMP Exam Prep


In this call we discussed the dilemma of how to improve score in PMP® mock exams,  Vishal shared his current state of scoring near 65% in PMP® mock exams.  We explored areas like
1.    What to do when the answer given by Mock Exam writers are not convincing 
2.    What to do when irrelevant questions comes up in mock exams
3.    How to fill the gap in learning.

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Conversation: Winning over distractions in PMP® Exam Preparation

Some of us get stuck in a situation which makes them delay their PMP® certification exams for multiple years.

This interaction is about how to win over distractions and gets PMP® certification done in short period. The conversation starts with Pradeep sharing how he has been delaying PMP® Exam preparation for more than six years.  As he shares, his reasons for delaying the exams were
1.    Work Pressure leaves him with no time for preparation.
2.    Things keep happening in life which derails his plan.
3.    Trying to keep pace with learnings other skills and subjects. 
4.    Trying to have a perfect understanding of PMBOK® Guide before thinking of exam. 

The key insights from this conversation we got are 
1. Prioritization of learning material can help in making PMP® certification easy and fast.
2. PMP® Exam preparation should not be taken as memorization task rather should be taken as the journey towards becoming a better project manager.
3. Setting up target dates and making the plan around it can help.
4. Too much interaction in PMP®  related group can delay your certification.

Do you want to win over distraction for PMP®  exam?  Act now and declare your target date in the comment section. 


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