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Team building for success - from the Project Manager up!

Passion for project management combined with a passion for people creates energy, enthusiasm and engagement. Engagement leads to success. It is when we are most engaged that we will "run through walls" for others. This blog focuses on ways to keep our project teams engaged and the way we can keep ourselves engaged and effective. As Lori Wilson ( described it "Project management is like tap dancing on a moving floor". Let's LEARN TO DANCE!

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About this Blog

I have been a project and program manager for more than 20 years. Over that time, my interest in what makes teams tick, what makes a project team excel, and what makes projects a success has grown. To understand the interactions better, I have studied law, mediation, positive psychology, leadership and of course project management.

I am passionate about project management and its power to bring about change in the world, change for the good.

I am also passionate about teams, building them from the perspective of the individual and as a community.

In this blog I will share theories, research and tools that other practitioners are free to explore, use, or refute! I look forward to an active conversation - and of course to learning more from others. All content is part of my Strengths-Based Project Management (SBPM) model for fulfilled project managers, engaged and motivated teams and successful projects.



Egotism is the anesthetic that dulls the pain of stupidity.

- Frank Leahy