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In this blog, I will provide you information, questions, simulators, prep tips you need to prepare for PMI Exams like PMP, PgPM, ACP, RMP etc. We will explain the benefits of using exam simulators to crack the real exam in first attempt!

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Would learning PMP useful for a startup founder?

What is the one skill every project manager should have?

PMI fact file

Basics of PMP Certification everyone needs to know – Part 2/2


Would learning PMP useful for a startup founder?

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No degree or certification is useful. At the same time they are not useless either. There is a reason why such things exist and the reason is to learn from others example as oppose to make mistakes on your own.

The principles define in PMP are useful to help you navigate the rough waters. Since you do not intend to do certification I would say it will definitely help you in the both short term and long term.

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What is the one skill every project manager should have?

The ability to choose the right tool for the situation. I have seen project managers act like their tools for hammers, so everything looks like a nail. They will use certain templates whether the project needs it or not.

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PMI fact file

PMI has 286 charted and 16 potential chapters more than 5 Million PMBOK guide Editions now in Circulation.

Total Active holders are:


CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management)   -   33,383

PMP (Project Management Professional)  -  761,905

PfMP (Portfolio Management Professional)  -  412

PgMP (Program Management Professional)  -  1,880

PMI - RMP (PMI Risk Management Professional)  -  4,013

PMI - SP (Scheduling Professional) - 1,652

PMI - PBA (PMI Professional in Business Analysis)  -  1,282

PMI - ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner)  - 15,115

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Basics of PMP Certification everyone needs to know – Part 2/2

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Project Management Professional exam is of two types – computer based and paper based. Computer based is more popular as you get the result immediately as you finish the exam. Fee of computer based is a little higher but it’s worth the money spend as you need not to wait for weeks to get the result.

We are providing you the latest fee structure of the PMP exam in the below table which is applicable currently. You may want to verify the fee from when you write the exam.

Fee for PMP Exam

For PMI Member, The PMP® Exam Fee is US$405 for the computer based examination (CPT) and For non-members, the exam fee is US$555.

The difference of US$150 is enough to pay for the first year of the PMI membership fee. It is always advisable to take membership as it has many benefits.

v  PMI allows PMP® aspirants to take up to 3 PMP® Exams in the one-year eligibility period, and each exam retake (PMP® re-examination or re-exam) costs an additional PMP® Exam fee of US$275 (for PMI members) / US$375 (for non- PMI members).

v  The PMP® Exam fee may see a hike in 2018 following the introduction of the new exam

v  Language aids are a translation service offered by PMI for PMP® candidates whose mother tongue is not English. This service is offered for FREE.

v  The translated question and answers will be displayed below the original English question and answers on the same page for computer based testing (CBT).

Language aids must be requested during:

v  Online payment for the PMP® application; OR

v  In the printed PMP® application form

Currently, PMI provides language aids for the PMP® Exam in the following languages:

v  Arabic

v  Hebrew

v  Brazilian Portuguese

v  Italian

v  Chinese (Simplified)

v  Chinese (Traditional)

v  Japanese

v  Korean

v  French

v  Russian

v  German

v  Spanish

v  Turkish

You will be made aware of your PMP certification exam test result before you leave your test desk.

If you pass the exam, it will give you a congratulatory message and inform you that you will get your certificate within four to six weeks at the address you gave to PMI at the time of filling out the application form.

If you failed, you will see it there as well.

Once you pass the exam, you can start using the title “PMP” immediately, though you may receive your certificate four weeks later.

After passing the PMP exam, within one to two weeks you will receive an email from the PMI offering their congratulations and then you can see your name in the PMI certification registry. In addition, you can see your certificate status from your PMI account.

When I passed my exam, this information was updated within 24 hours but nowadays they take one to two weeks to update it.

All the best for Exam!

Please don’t forget to share your PMP lessons learned here, once you take your PMP certification exam.

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PMI reaches over 650,000 professionals in project, program and portfolio management around the world.

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