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I have about 20 years of progressive practical experience in program and project management. And I conducted extensive academic research while writing a book, "Practitioner's Guide to Program Management." As a result, I have extensive knowledge of program and project management that I would like to share. The blog will provide a methodology and tools to execute programs and projects, illustrated with many practical examples. It will cover multiple topics related to program and project management.

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Project vs. Product delivery approach

Happy Holidays

Scale Agile Framework (SAFe)

Stakeholders conflicting priorities

Effective Communication

Project vs. Product delivery approach

Traditionally, software and other products are being delivered utilizing a project delivery approach. Under this approach, the product is being built for a particular customer. Even if it is a standardized product, it is than being rebuild to a degree or entirely (depending on the contract terms) for other customers. This approach allows for full customization of the product. However, it results lower product standardization, increase in waist and duplication of effort.  Multiple teams work on resolving similar or the same issues. The product vary from project to project as some rules are a subject for interpretation.


Product delivery approach builds a standardized product that is being customized for each customer. This approach allows for higher efficiency and resources utilization, higher level of standardization, reductions in waist and duplication of efforts. This approach allows for a fully standardized product. Issues are found and fixed once. This approach allows to maximize team effort, improve efficiency and reduce waist. On the down side, some customization may not be possible.


What model do you use in your work? In your experience what are pros and cons of each.


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Happy Holidays


Dear Friends and Colleagues happy holidays! All the best in 2019!


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Scale Agile Framework (SAFe)

How is SAFe better or different from the regular agile frame work. Is it a new "buzz" word or a truly innovative approach. I worked in the agile environment for about 5 years. It has its advantages of executing tasks in parallel that accelerate the process, fostering team work, scalable repeatable model. I'm now responsible for implementing a Delivery Center that will operate on SAFe. I would love to learn from you all on how this model is better or different that the regular agile model.

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Stakeholders conflicting priorities

Stakeholders frequently serve in more than one project committee as well as have "day jobs" with their regular work duties. They are overloaded with information and receive way too many meeting invitations. How do you effectively engage stakeholders to allow them to contribute effectively to the project as well as to provide necessary support securing project prioritization with the C-suite.

I track stakeholders meetings attendance. And, if a stakeholder missed a meeting, I follow up with the quick call or stop by if he/she is on site. I provide short update about the meeting and make asks/requests or ask for input. What do you do? How do you engage stakeholders and secure their project support.

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Effective Communication

There are many informational sources, updates, status reports, dashboard, reports and yet, the majority of data available or about 93% is not fully analyzed and utilized. Executives find it difficult to get an insight into the project progress. What is the best way to provide a robust, accurate and timely insight into the project work that like a weather forecast will tell what progress was made last week, and what is the current status, and what work will take place next week.

What are your thoughts on how to synthesize multiple data that is coming from many data sources, and package it into a meaningful and insightful executive update. 

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