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The 'Pivot' Theory to Practice

There is thought leadership—and then there is practice. Sometimes the chasm between theory and application can seem hard to cross. This blog will address that "gap" between what A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) and other theory-based literature postulates—and the framework needed to make it work for project teams in organizations today.

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About this Blog

My goal is to serve people as a scholar/practitioner.  I earned a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) with an emphasis in Project Management in 2016.  The DBA framework is to further theory in practice, just like this blog!  Over the last 12 years, I've worked in the defense and IT fields with the federal government and with small business.  My aim is to leverage those experiences to help those that are growing with me in the professions.

Projects are about change, and only through change can organizations truly keep pace with rapid technology and market shifts.  My teams and I map out existing processes and organizational states (the "as-is"), and then we generate ideas of what we want the new state to look like (the "to-be"). The management of change is the gap between these two states & I assist people through the changes required to reach the end state (the "to-be"). Projects, programs and process optimization/redesign arise out of these exercises.  The achievement of these goals is strengthened with a sound mix of theory and application of that theory and "the pivot" between the two is the art of the profession which I focus upon continually improving.



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