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Does joy at work even matter?

Can gratitude make us better project managers?

All about PMI Global Conference 2019

October's PMI Global Conference - Who can you meet with?

My short poem for YOU!

Does joy at work even matter?

For some, talking about joy in your work might sound corny or might not seem important, but I believe it is something we should all consider.  Here’s why:

Think about a highly functioning sports team – when they reach a goal or win, they express joy, right?  They display camaraderie and often when there is a touchdown or other goal, they dance, hug, or at least share a high-five.  There is a connection between them, a bond – and this shared joyful experience propels them to achieve even more.

As project managers when we bring joy to our teams and projects, we create camaraderie and connections too.  Our projects are more successful, we create environments where questions are welcomed and challenges become something the team tackles and overcomes together.  Creativity flourishes in these environments.  As a team incorporating joy in our daily tasks, we appreciate our work more.  Teams doing this build a foundation for success.

Sometimes it is hard to spread joy, but joy can change culture.  An environment where there is joy also appreciates and fosters generosity.  It is proven that safety and quality improve when there is joy in the workplace.  Joyful staff appreciate the meaning in what they are doing.  Teams thrive instead of just persevere in cultures where joy and generosity abound.

Maybe someone reading this blog is skeptical that joy can do these things, but after many years in the workforce I believe joy leads to excellence and enables teams and companies to be more resilient in the face of constant change.  I'd way rather work in a place of joy, wouldn't you?

Let me know what you think about this and how you experience joy in your work! 

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Can gratitude make us better project managers?

To me gratitude is a feeling of appreciation and being thankful for something beyond myself.

IDEA#1 - POSITIVITY AND PROJECT MANAGEMENT:  When we are grateful and show gratitude to others, we approach our work through a more positive lens.  This lens helps us see and appreciate the good in others.  Gratitude is a great mindset to cultivate because when we come from a place of positivity, good things are more likely to happen.  Bringing gratitude to projects improves the overall “team spirit”.  Many years ago I read a book called “The Carrot Principle” by Adrian Gostrick and Chester Elton.  In the book, they described research indicating employees need to feel appreciated and valued – and when polled, employees stated they would rather receive appreciation for their work than receive higher pay.  When employees feel appreciated, they try harder and performance improves.  By simply showing genuine gratitude for the work your team is doing, it stands to reason project outcomes will improve and you will be seen as a more successful project manager.  TAKE AWAY – Take time to share honest feedback with your team about what you are grateful for about them and their contributions.

IDEA #2 - A STRONGER PROJECT MANAGER:  Living with a mindset of gratitude creates changes in our mind AND in our body.  We physically and mentally become less stressed when focused on gratitude.  Scientists say when living with a sense of gratitude we become stronger and more resilient. Wendy Berry Medes, a Social and Biological Psychologist from the Greater Good Science Center, has studied this for years – researching how gratitude impacts health and longevity.  She can scientifically prove via lab work, sleep studies, etc. that gratitude has a positive impact on both health and aging.  People with higher levels of gratitude even have healthier cells at the microscopic level.  Studies show people cherishing gratitude are more likely to have stronger social connections, are less likely to be angry, sleep quality tends to improve and gratitude has been proven to lower both resting blood pressure and cholesterol levels!  TAKE AWAY – Living with gratitude can make you a stronger project manager both physically and mentally.

IDEA #3 - SOCIAL CONNECTIONS:  Having a sense of gratitude can improve your daily experiences at work with stakeholders, teams, vendors and others we come into contact with.  Improved social connections can only positively impact our projects.  Gratitude experts like Robert Emmons, Professor of Psychology at UC Davis, states gratitude has “the power to heal, energize and change lives”.  Others share fear and anger cannot live in the presence of gratefulness – if that is the case, then gratitude can help us move teams through change management easier or face difficulties with more resilience.  Why don’t we talk more about this when training project managers?  It only makes sense that gratitude can improve our effectiveness as project managers.  Grateful individuals are more forgiving, outgoing, helpful, generous and charitable.  TAKE AWAY – Use the sense of gratitude in your social connections to improve your social connections!

CHALLENGE:  So, this November – a month where Thanksgiving will be celebrated in many homes, would you consider joining me in a renewed focus on gratitude? No matter what our situation is, there are things and people around us we can be grateful for.  I’d love to hear your thoughts on gratitude and your experience with gratitude in your important role as a project manager!

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All about PMI Global Conference 2019

I've never had the privilege of attending a PMI Global Conference before - I'm not sure I knew what to expect.....but, it has been such a valuable experience for me.'s not over yet!  Today was just Day 2 of 3, but let me share what I've experienced so far:  Day 1 was impressive - with signage in the airport to greet me - electronic billboards on the street proclaiming the conference and a sea of professionals walking into the convention center wearing orange lanyards proudly displaying their PMI affiliation.  I was part of an army.  The exhibit hall had many interesting vendors and displays, the PMI booth offered anyone the chance to "Ask the Expert" and the new PMI logo was colorfully and imaginatively splashed all over the place.  There were so many activities I had a hard time choosing which one to attend - from the Opening General Session and Keynote Speaker Adam Grant (a great way to kick off the event) to the networking reception it was all was engaging, inspiring and  informative.  Networking with so many people I interact with on this site has been such a highlight for me. I met so many really exceptional professionals.  I won't lie, after Day 1 I went to bed very tired - but when the alarm rang in the morning I was ready to jump up and greet Day 2.  Day 2 was just as rewarding as the previous day with more excellent presenters offering a variety of topics and more meaningful interactions with respected colleagues.  There are so many opportunities to meet new people, share experiences and learn!  This conference has been exactly what I needed - I am more excited than ever before to be a Project Management Professional.  Tomorrow I'll share more about Day 3.  Please consider attending events like this - I believe you will come away feeling as renewed and inspired as I feel today.  Coming here to Philadelphia has been such a privilege for me!  It is definitely worth it!

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October's PMI Global Conference - Who can you meet with?

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During October's PMI Global Conference in Philadelphia, there is an opportunity to meet with several PM's designated as Ask the Experts.  This means you can schedule a 20-30 minute session to discuss anything Project Management!  There are 6 experts this year who you can sign up to talk with.  I've listed their names and some of their exceptional skillsets:

  • Dave Maynard - Engineering (avionics and glass), worked for NASA (!), technical design, leads teams in turning around troubled projects.  This guy is incredible.  Dave also was a significant contributor to the PMBOK guide version 6.  He knows stuff.

  • Lorelie Kaid - Experienced in strategic planning, organizational change and leadership, agile, PMO leadership, process mapping & improvement - she has mad skills!  Lorelie is an excellent communicator – you’ll be glad you spent time talking with her.

  • Andrew Craig - This guy is a genuine leader - he is an expert on this site and a key contributor.  Andrew has a consultant background in financial services, Scrum-certified along with many other technical certifications.  Andrew has often been an inspiration on this site for me personally and I know he will be for you too!

  • Dave Davis - Also has many certifications, is an influencer on this site and a leading speaker on all 3 parts of the PMI talent triangle!  You'll be grateful you scheduled time to meet with Dave.  Wow, he is really an expert!

  • Kiron Bondale - Kiron is an exceptional voice on this site and is a trainer, coach, advisor and speaker on all things project management.  Having 20-30 minutes to sit with Kiron is an opportunity you won't want to miss – he is a strong influencer on this site and really knows his stuff!

  • Lori Wilson - I have over 27 years of leadership experience in healthcare/IT and a unique background in health and wellness.  I will be speaking at Denver’s PMO Symposium 2019 on Workplace Bullying.  If you are interested in any of these topics, it would be a genuine honor to meet you.

Please consider making an appointment with one or more of us at this Global Conference.  We are anxious to meet with YOU!   



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My short poem for YOU!

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I am so honored to be an ASK THE EXPERT at the PMI Global Conference in Philadelphia October 5-7 that it inspired me to write this little poem for you:

Roses are red, violets are blue

While you attend the PMI Global Conference

Please sign up for a 20-minute “Ask the Expert” chat with me

So I can finally in person meet YOU!


We can talk about IT, leadership, health care or maybe strategize your career path

Let’s talk about anything you are facing in project management,

I’m good on most PM subjects, but honestly a little weaker at math!


Let’s get together – and start our friendship here

I’m excited to visit with you, to learn more from others too

It will be a celebration of PM’s – we all deserve this collective CHEER!


Don’t leave me hanging – please sign up for a chat

It will be a fun opportunity – I promise you that!

Please follow this link to sign up today:  (scroll down to Ask the Expert)...   


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