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All about PMI Global Conference 2019

October's PMI Global Conference - Who can you meet with?

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During October's PMI Global Conference in Philadelphia, there is an opportunity to meet with several PM's designated as Ask the Experts.  This means you can schedule a 20-30 minute session to discuss anything Project Management!  There are 6 experts this year who you can sign up to talk with.  I've listed their names and some of their exceptional skillsets:

  • Dave Maynard - Engineering (avionics and glass), worked for NASA (!), technical design, leads teams in turning around troubled projects.  This guy is incredible.  Dave also was a significant contributor to the PMBOK guide version 6.  He knows stuff.

  • Lorelie Kaid - Experienced in strategic planning, organizational change and leadership, agile, PMO leadership, process mapping & improvement - she has mad skills!  Lorelie is an excellent communicator – you’ll be glad you spent time talking with her.

  • Andrew Craig - This guy is a genuine leader - he is an expert on this site and a key contributor.  Andrew has a consultant background in financial services, Scrum-certified along with many other technical certifications.  Andrew has often been an inspiration on this site for me personally and I know he will be for you too!

  • Dave Davis - Also has many certifications, is an influencer on this site and a leading speaker on all 3 parts of the PMI talent triangle!  You'll be grateful you scheduled time to meet with Dave.  Wow, he is really an expert!

  • Kiron Bondale - Kiron is an exceptional voice on this site and is a trainer, coach, advisor and speaker on all things project management.  Having 20-30 minutes to sit with Kiron is an opportunity you won't want to miss – he is a strong influencer on this site and really knows his stuff!

  • Lori Wilson - I have over 27 years of leadership experience in healthcare/IT and a unique background in health and wellness.  I will be speaking at Denver’s PMO Symposium 2019 on Workplace Bullying.  If you are interested in any of these topics, it would be a genuine honor to meet you.

Please consider making an appointment with one or more of us at this Global Conference.  We are anxious to meet with YOU!   



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My short poem for YOU!

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I am so honored to be an ASK THE EXPERT at the PMI Global Conference in Philadelphia October 5-7 that it inspired me to write this little poem for you:

Roses are red, violets are blue

While you attend the PMI Global Conference

Please sign up for a 20-minute “Ask the Expert” chat with me

So I can finally in person meet YOU!


We can talk about IT, leadership, health care or maybe strategize your career path

Let’s talk about anything you are facing in project management,

I’m good on most PM subjects, but honestly a little weaker at math!


Let’s get together – and start our friendship here

I’m excited to visit with you, to learn more from others too

It will be a celebration of PM’s – we all deserve this collective CHEER!


Don’t leave me hanging – please sign up for a chat

It will be a fun opportunity – I promise you that!

Please follow this link to sign up today:  (scroll down to Ask the Expert)...   


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Have you stepped back and looked at yourself?

Have you ever asked someone to shadow you while facilitating meetings to provide feedback - with the goal to measure and improve your PM performance?  It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is an excellent way to grow.  Some ideas:

Self-improvement:  Several years ago I created a Meeting Mentoring Observation Worksheet and asked several people to score me during a meeting.  I try to do this at least 1x year.  The scoring is charted on a scale: 1 (poor) – 5 (exceptional) and I asked mentors to score me on some interesting things like:

  • My overall communication skills
  • How prepared I was for the meeting (agenda, documentation, knowledge of subject etc.)
  • My understanding/comprehension of the conversations during the meeting
  • How important it was to hold the meeting – could the information presented in the meeting have been shared more effectively in any other format (report, graph, e-mail, etc.)
  • How the meeting flow and organization of thoughts came across to others
  • My speaking tone – professionalism/respectfulness to others
  • Non-verbal communication
  • Recognition of others
  • Skill at asking open-ended questions
  • Active listening skills 
  • And more….Asking for feedback allows one to explore the perceptions of others.  It’s a great way to double check my personal style and look for opportunities for self-improvement beyond some typical things like taking a class or increasing my knowledge in some way.

Self-development:  Grow, grow, grow – I try to stretch myself.  For example – volunteering to speak at PMI chapter meetings or seminars.  It’s a great way to grow and develop personally while sharing insights with others.  Volunteering is a wonderful way to increase self-development.  In November, I will be speaking at the PMO Symposium 2019 in Denver, Colorado.  Scary, but an excellent self-development opportunity!

Self-control:  Ever get hot under the collar during a meeting or take something said in a meeting personally?  I’m trying to learn to subdue my emotions in meetings – not easy for a “Type-A” personality, but there is actually power and strength in this.  It’s allows one to step back, enabling longer pauses, waiting for responses, not spitting out the answers so quickly but allowing others to find the right answer before stepping back into the conversation.  Listening more.  Instead of sharing my perspective, I’ve been trying to spend more time asking others about their thoughts and viewpoints.  If someone uses a statement that bubbles up an emotion, I try to spend an extra moment pondering it from their vantage point before responding.  This takes self-control and is another excellent aspect of growth and development.

How do you encourage self-improvement, self-development and self-control?  I’m anxious to hear what works for you!

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