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Disciplined Agile at WWDVC/EU 2019

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Earlier today I keynoted at the World Wide Data Vault Consortium European conference in Hannover Germany.  I presented an overview of Disciplined Agile, some of the challenges that organizations are experiencing in their agile transformations, and how their teams can improve their way of working (WoW) via Guided Continuous Improvement (GCI).

Although all of the presentations were great, I was particularly enthralled with Bill Inmon’s keynote on Thursday.  As you may know Bill is the father of data warehousing and has written 59 (59!) books over his career, clearly putting me to shame.  Bill shared some of his experiences in extracting information from text-based sources and described several stories doing so.  One story focused on how his team had combined information culled from multiple text-based sources that together indicated that BP had a potential maintenance risk in their Gulf of Mexico operations.  Sadly his warning was ignored and several months later BP had a catastrophic oil rig failure on Deepwater Horizon.  Another story described how his team processed 5000 online postings from Nike customers and 5000 from Adidas customers.  Their analysis indicated that while Adidas was a “normal company,” that on the other hand Nike had quality problems with their shoes.  Although Bill contacted Nike to inform them, free of charge, of what he had discovered this advice was also ignored because Nike apparently already had consulting companies providing them with advice.  A year later Nike suffered a $2 billion market capitalization loss when Zion Williamson’s sneaker exploded in a basketball game watched by over 100 million people. Another text analysis project led him to discover that airlines are consistently not well liked by their customers, revealing that Bill doesn’t always end up with earth-shattering revelations.  Although the stories were interesting, Bill’s description of the techniques he was following and the challenges surrounding text-based data analytics were fascinating.

Data Vault 2 (DV2) is an extension to Inmon’s approach to data warehousing.  Dan Lindstedt, the creator of DV2, worked for years with Bill.  DV2 brings a lot of very practical strategies to data warehousing.  Furthermore, a few years ago DV2 adopted Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) for its process which was one of the reasons why I suspect I was invited to speak at the conference.

Kudos to everyone who made the conference a success.  I’m looking forward to next year.

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Disciplined Agile Goes to India

India Flag

Mark and I are lucky enough to spend a few weeks in India this March.  In addition to speaking at Agile India 2019 we’ll also be running several Disciplined Agile workshops and a user group presentation one evening.  Here is our schedule in both Pune and Bengaluru.


  • March 16&17.  Workshop – Implementing Disciplined Agile Delivery.  Delivered by Mark Lines.  This is our new workshop that works through how to use the DA toolkit to choose and then evolve your way of working (WoW).  You’ll learn how to break out of “method prison” if you’ve hit the limits of Scrum or SAFe, and more importantly how to take an agile approach in an enterprise-class setting.  This isn’t “purist agile” but instead is pragmatic and agnostic.


If you’re based in India we hope you can make it out to one or more of these events.  If you have colleagues in India please pass this along to them as this may be a great chance for them to learn about DA from the source!

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Donate and Recieve a Signed Copy of "The DAD Handbook"

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Scott's 2018 Ride for Heart
I’ve been lucky in that I haven’t lost any family to heart disease. However, over the years I’ve lost several colleagues to it. So it’s real for me, and I suspect unfortunately for you too.

As you know, I’m a middle-aged fat guy. I’m trying to do something about the fat guy thing, not much I can do on the age issue, and get back in shape through diet and exercise. So entering in the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s 2018 Ride for Heart is part of my overall strategy, and while doing so I hope to raise some money for a very good cause.

I did 25K in the 2017 ride (which as you can see in my picture was cold and wet, that’s normally a light green jacket that I was wearing). This year I’m taking it up a notch and doing the 50K route. Hopefully the weather will be better. I’ve been told that the ride down the Don Valley from York Mills is worth the effort to ride up the hill to get there. Right.

2017 Ride for Heart

To entice you to donate we’re going to send out a signed copy of the forthcoming book that Mark Lines and I are writing entitled The Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook to anyone who donates at least $25 CAD (about $20 US). The cover price will likely be $29.95 USD and we expect to publish it by the end of July 2018.

Please help me with my fundraising goal and make a donation today.

Thank you in advance!

– Scott

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We're Now Posting Construction Goal Excerpts!

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Disciplined Agile Delivery Construction Goals

We have just begun posting excerpts from our forthcoming book, The Disciplined Agile Delivery Handbook, describing Construction-phase process goals.  The first such excerpt overviews the Prove Architecture Early goal.

These excerpts are being posted at the Disciplined Agile Sneak Previews page for DAC members only – non-members will need to wait for the book which will be published sometime this summer.  We hope that you find these excerpts valuable and better yet we hope to get feedback from you.

Once again, thanks to all of the people who have already provided feedback regarding the Inception-phase goals.  Keep it coming!


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DA Day 2018 - Call for Presentations

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The  call for presentations (CFP) for DA Day is open until April 2nd.  This first of its kind, this one-day online conference will bring together leading Disciplined Agile (DA) experts, practitioners, and customers to share best practices, DA success stories, and introduce new DA techniques and learning materials. Agenda topics have been selected by DAC members as part of ongoing surveys to determine areas of most interest.

The 6 agenda topics are:

  1. DAIT: Enterprise Architecture – How do you apply lean and agile strategies for Enterprise Architecture?  How do Enterprise Architects work effectively with IT delivery teams?
  2. DevOps: IT Operations – How do you build and run a trustworthy IT ecosystem that runs so efficiently it  goes unnoticed by clients?
  3. DAIT: Continuous Improvement  – How do you enable people to easily and systematically share improvement learnings?
  4. DevOps: Release Management – How do you effectively plan, coordinate and verify the deployment of IT solutions into production in multi-team environments? How are IT delivery teams implementing CI/CD pipelines in established enterprises?
  5. DAE: Business Operations – How has agile and lean enabled your organization to more effectively provide services and products to customers? How has the relationship between IT and “the business” evolved?
  6. Your topic – We’re open to any valuable experiences that you’d like to share that fall outside of the previous five topics!

We are seeking DA practitioners with experience in these areas to participate as speakers for DA Day.  Final presentations will be limited to 15 minutes and a maximum of 10 PowerPoint slides and will be done in webinar format.  This is a great way to share your experiences with others, and get yourself out there as an agile conference speaker.

Please send a short abstract describing your presentation idea to along with your contact information and level of DA certification (if any).

UPDATE: Registration is now open for DADay.


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