Project Management

Digital Transformation: The Essentials of E-Business Leadership

Author: Keyur Patel, and Pat McCarthy

ISBN: 0071364080

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In view of the spectacular successes of e-business pioneers such as Cisco, FedEx, and, there can no longer be any doubt that the future of business is inextricably bound up with the Internet. Written by the top e-business strategists at KPMG Consulting/Metrius, Digital Transformation provides executives with a road map for leading their companies through the transition from business to e-business. 

Based, in large part, on extensive interviews with those at the forefront of the e-business revolution, it cuts through the hype and confusion surrounding doing business on the Internet to reveal the fundamental principles behind the digital transformation currently underway. Features:  

  • Executives learn from the source how to make the transition to a fully Internet-enabled organization  
  • Includes tips and insights from Cisco CEO John Chambers, Dan Shulman, President of, and other e-business gurus  
  • Reveals why some companies have been so successful while others tried and failed.


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