Author: Bernadette Tiernan

ISBN: 1574101293

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The statistics are staggering: 2.6 million small U.S. businesses have web sites, a number estimated to double by 2002. More than 100 million individuals shop online; many with credit cards. E-tailing puts business owners and managers in position to benefit from this explosive growth. 

Marketing consultant and online expert Bernadette Tiernan describes the economics, technology, and inner workings of the e-commerce world. She details how to become a cyber-merchant and develop customer relations, whether selling products or services. Her book:  


  • Addresses all issues that a successful business-to-consumer e-commerce venture must consider    
  • Fills in the important details unique to internet markets such as secure commerce and partnerships    
  • Offers the best strategies to minimize risk and offer your customers the highest security    
  • Includes case studies and success stories from CBS, The Gap, CDNow, GO Babies "RM" and others


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