The Microwave Way to Software Project Management

Author: Bas de Baar

ISBN: 0-595-22711-2

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The Microwave Way to Software Project Management takes you on a fast, entertaining and essential tour through the jungle software project managers can and will walk in to. The ride starts at the mindset of the project manager; he should have one simple mental image on the jobs he has to perform, instead of trying to stuff 500 pages of charting and calculating in his head. He should know the flow of stakes.

For a lot of readers, one conclusion still comes as a big surprise: doing projects is a peoples business. It's all about keeping everyone involved in the project happy by supporting their stakes. The trouble with stakes is, no one tells you what they are. You have to guess, negotiate, anticipate and manipulate to get passed the requirements directly through the fears and wishes of people. Software project management is more about psychology than technology.

This book presents how in the real world of enterprises the "traditional" techniques of project management, like Gantt-charting, can be used as communications techniques to keep people happy. The Microwave Way is not about knowing you have a deadline, but about how to move it. Naming a date is easy, telling you cannot make it is the real job.

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