Project Management

The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Second Edition

Author: Gerard M. Hill

ISBN: 978-1420046809

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The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Second Edition first considers the five stages of PMO capability, each benchmarking a particular level of capability achieved if functions are fully implemented. Each stage is also indicative of the organization’s maturity in project management, with the PMO’s role and responsibilities advancing from project management oversight and control at the lower end of the competency continuum to strategic business alignment at the higher competency stages.
It then examines 20 function models that can be used to guide the organization through the deliberation and the development of PMO operational capability. These models suggest what project management capability can be realized through comprehensive implementation of each PMO function.
Providing project and business managers with a starting point that enables them to achieve desired results from project management, The Complete Project Management Office Handbook is an important resource for everyone involved in making project management work effectively within the organization. 
In summary, this book:
  • Illustrates how modern project management processes can be aligned with the organization’s business interests
  • Addresses a range of important project management topics, from methodology development and resource management to vendor management, project portfolio management and business performance
  • Offers 20 function models that can be used to guide deliberation and development of PMO operational capability
  • Describes the depth of PMO responsibility needed to meet the unique oversight, control, and support requirements of every organization
  • Provides special guidance for establishing and managing a small PMO

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