Project Management

Project Management for Flat Organizations: Cost Effective Steps to Achieving Successful Results

Author: Laura Dallas Burford

ISBN: 978-1-60427-084-6

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Project Management for Flat Organizations provides common sense solutions to the unique challenges of organizations with flat hierarchical structures. It explains project management theory and offers simple and cost effective project management processes, tools, and techniques that can be applied immediately. This guide includes instruction and templates required to deliver projects efficiently and successfully with minimal risk and investment. It also enables users to develop a framework specific to the needs of their organization. This is a go-to guide you will want to keep on your desk for easy reference when working on projects.

Key Features:

  • Makes project management understandable and workable for people and organizations unaccustomed to formal controls using an easy-to-read, visual approach
  • Explains project management fundamentals and then walks readers through the entire project lifecycle from management aligning a project with the organization’s strategy, to creating a project plan, and finally to completing the project
  • Starts each chapter with a list of the subjects to be covered, explains the theory behind the subjects and then with the use of examples, visual aids, tools, and techniques applies the theory so that the organization can develop the “right balance” of informal and formal communications, processes, and controls
  • Presents step-by-step instructions aimed at assisting a project manager or team member working on a project or in creating a project management framework for the organization
  • Illustrates the practical application of theoretical ideas by including examples based on real-life events
  • WAV offers downloadable “best-fit” guidance in developing a project management methodology, selecting project management software, and some helpful project templates — available from the Web Added ValueTM Download Resource Center at

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