Project Management

Advanced Multi-Project Management: Achieving Outstanding Speed and Results with Predictability

Author: Gerald I. Kendall and Kathleen M. Austin

ISBN: 978-1-60427-080-8

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Even in a well-managed multi-project environment, it is not unusual to see half of all projects completed either late, over budget or with cuts to original scope. However, the proven approach presented in Advanced Multi-Project Management has enabled large, medium, and even small organizations to consistently complete their projects faster, within original scope and budget, and increase the number of projects executed with the same resources by as much as 70%. The list of companies that have used this methodology for stunning results includes some of the biggest, well-known names in the world—Boeing, Rio Tinto, ABB, and Chrysler. This guide details the six gears that must work in unison to drive speed and predictability within an organization.

Key Features:

  • Presents the full strategy and detailed tactics to transform any multi-project environment, including how to speed up and synchronize multiple projects correctly with the same resources and delivering projects on time, on budget, and within the original scope
  • Helps firms consistently generate over 50% more project throughput
  • Outlines the 10 essential steps needed to create valid project networks and task estimates in a multi-project environment
  • Illustrates examples of how to define resource skill sets in a multi-project environment and effective ways to align all projects to prevent constant conflicts over resources
  • Explains the five most common bad practices in project management today—from defining tasks at too great a level of detail to allowing stage gate systems and approvals to slow down projects
  • Reveals software requirements necessary to support small, medium, and large multi-project environments

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