Project Management

Make Things Happen! Readymade Tools for Project Management

Author: Steve Smith, and James Lewis

ISBN: 0-7494-2484-2

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Packed with ready-to-use tools, checklists, and guidelines, this guide will ensure that your project runs smoothly and effectively. It is structured around the five key phases of project management:

  • set-up and contract
  • plan
  • implement
  • monitor and report progress
  • complete and review

    This book will help you Justify your project

  • Set Up and Contract-pg. 30

    This book will help you Plan your project

  • Plan What to Do-pg. 77

    This book will help you Control your project

  • Support Implementation-pg. 115
  • Monitor and Review-pg. 139


    "In the real world, the right thing never happens in the right place and the right time. It is the job of journalists and historians to make it appear that it has."

    - Mark Twain