Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success

Author: Neal Whitten

ISBN: 0-471-07683-X

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This no-nonsense troubleshooting guide was written for frontline managers who want results, not rhetoric. Short on theory and long on practical, hands-on advice and guidance, this book arms you with proven, easy-to-implement solutions to big ticket problems that plague today's software development projects, including those relating to personnel, quality, project scheduling and tracking, product requiremtns, product quality and usability, and much more. Written in a strightforward, conversational style and packed with realistic scenarios, Managing Software Development Projects: Formula for Success shows you how to identify problems, improve quality, shorten development cycles, increase productivity and much more.

This book will help you Plan your project

  • Project Schedule Planning: Getting in Control- pg.89

    This book will help you Activate your project

  • Communicating in Harmony-pg. 71

    This book will help you Control your project

  • Project Tracking: Staying in Control-pg. 139
  • Managing Priorities Effectively-pg. 213


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