How to Manage Complex Programs

Author: PMI Silicon Valley Chapter +1

ISBN: 9780814436929

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Large-scale programs involve many projects and countless jobs. As program manager, you’re charged with coordinating the thousands of distinct actions this requires—managing the deliverables, workflow and staff that comprise all the interconnected projects (possibly spread across the globe!). Whether you’re already managing a program—or looking ahead to filling that role—you need a repertoire of practical, dependable approaches to plan for and control the often competing demands you face every day.

How to Manage Complex Programs delivers exactly what it promises: high-impact techniques for handling project workflow, deliverables and teams. These techniques will enable you and your program staff to convert large-scale undertakings into collections of smaller, well-managed projects. While the scope will remain complex and layered, the information and techniques presented here will allow you to manage them coherently and efficiently. These strategies can be applied to any program, and are especially well adapted to high-tech undertakings.

To every topic presented in this manual, Tom Kendrick brings nearly 40 years’ experience practicing and teaching project and program management. In clear, accessible text—amplified by diagrams, graphs and real-life examples—Kendrick reveals the fundamental concepts and proven approaches that will help you master program management.

Step by step, this book will guide you through controlling the structures and hierarchies that make up a large-scale program, from initiation through execution and finally to successful closure.

  • Break complex deliverables into manageable chunks
  • Control program scope
  • Develop credible, workable plans that manage workflow dependencies
  • Conduct periodic in-depth plan reviews
  • Establish effective governance
  • Manage diverse stakeholder perspectives and priorities
  • Organize program staff and project leaders into a high-performing team
  • And much more

So much is riding on the vision, acuity and ability of the program manager. Let How to Manage Complex Programs be your go-to resource for the broad understanding and tested, effective tactics that bring order to complexity and lead to flawless execution.

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