Project Management

Project Management Success Stories

Author: Alexander Laufer, and Edward J. Hoffman

ISBN: 0-471-36007-4

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Project Management Success Stories takes up where other project management books leave off, with in-the-trenches stories of projects and project managers. The stories, based on a NASA-sponsored research projects, give you lessons that you can act on, quick ideas for your own projects and principles applicable to any industry. This book can help guide you through the thick of your project jungle.

This book will help you Justify your project
Involve the Customer, pg.135; Build Trust, pg. 187

This book will help you Plan your project
Challenge the Status Quo, pg.29; Take Measured Risks, pg. 59

This book will help you Activate your project
Create and Maintain a Focus, pg.119; Develop Teamwork, pg. 157

This book will help you Control your project
Legitimize Judgement-Based Decisions, pg. 103


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- Albert Einstein