Project Management

On Time Within Budget

Author: E. M. Bennatan

ISBN: 0-471-37644-2

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The Third Edition of this bestselling book shows you how to manage projects in a distributed environment, bid for contracts, prevent disaster, minimize risk and reuse assets to save time. This book will take you through an entire project from cost estimating to delivery and will help you learn from the real-life mistakes of others. Legal issues and customer relationships are covered as well. Don't manage a software project without this book!

This book will help you Justify your project
Software Development Problems: An Ounce of Prevention, pg. 19

This book will help you Plan your project
How to Handle Large projects: Divide and Conquer, pg. 115; Project Scheduling, pg. 241

This book will help you Activate your project
Principles of Managing Software Engineers: Are They Really Any Different?, pg. 97

This book will help you Control your project
Project Support Functions, pg. 159; The Preparation of Estimates: Methods and Techniques, pg. 271


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