Project Management

Visualizing Project Management

Author: Kevin Forsberg, PhD, Hal Mooz, PMP, and Howard Cotterman

ISBN: 0-471-35760-X

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Visualizing Project Management focuses on the four essential elements of project management: common vocabulary, teamwork, the sequential project cycle and management elements. Once you can bring these elements to life, your project will succeed and your organization will move forward. Used by more than 30,000 working project managers and 100 corporations, this book is the answer to the complexities of project management and system engineering.

This book will help you Justify your project
Why Model Project Management?, pg. 14

This book will help you Plan your project
Project Vocabulary, pg. 49; The Project Cycle, pg. 75, Project Planning, pg. 162

This book will help you Activate your project
Teamwork, pg. 59, The Project Team, pg. 110

This book will help you Control your project
Project Control, pg. 210; Project Status, pg. 245; The Implications for a Successful Future, pg. 297


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