Quality Checklist Template

By Singapore Chapter

This package contains (1) a Quality Checklist template in Excel along with (2) instructions in Word. The macro-enabled workbook allows users to create checklist items as drop-down lists. Each drop-down element of a checklist item may be assigned a value and description.

Checklist item : Errors found testing Module 1

Drop-down element for user to select



6 or less errors


Acceptable. Please integrate Module 1 for integrated testing post rectified errors.

7-12 errors


Tolerable. Please conduct exploratory testing on Module 1 post rectified errors.

More than 12 errors


Unacceptable as unusually high number of errors were detected. Please review development process.


Table 1: Example of drop-down list elements of a checklist item

This quality checklist enable independent creation and amendment of drop-down lists by simply creating a new worksheet for each checklist item or modifying them. Thus the checklist form may be created and restructured by arranging the sequence of checklist item worksheets, at any time.

Checklist item worksheets are hidden during use. The VBA for Excel macros will validate each checklist item (i.e. the drop-down list elements) upon creation. The macros will tally user-assigned weights for all checklist items and provide a score (%) against the highest possible scoring (score are assigned arbitrarily) on completion of filling the checklist.

A separate workbook will be created from the completed checklist (without formulas or macros), and saved with a date title in XLSX format. This quality checklist template or form may be amended freely to suit your needs.


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