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Proposal Coordination Checklist (Japanese Translation)

RFPを受け取ることと提案をドアの外に送ることの間に多くのステップがあります。 このチェックリストは主な活動を文書化しているので、あなたは一目で何が行われ、何がまだ必要なのかを見ることができます。

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"Impartial observers from other planets would consider ours an utterly bizarre enclave if it were populated by birds, defined as flying animals, that nevertheless rarely or never actually flew. They would also be perplexed if they encountered in our seas, lakes, rivers and ponds, creatures defined as swimmers that never did any swimming. But they would be even more surprised to encounter a species defined as a thinking animal if, in fact, the creature very rarely indulged in actual thinking."

- Steve Allen



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